Things to Consider Before Owning a Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are fantastic additions to any home. It’s a source of fun for the kids and adults as well. Having a pool also helps increase a home’s market value. However, pool ownership also has downsides: installation, insurance, and maintenance.

Before booking a pool contractor and build your backyard pool, here are some pointers for your consideration:


Pool maintenance is vital because it keeps its water clean and sanitized for its users. Maintenance fees could range between $1,800 to $5,000 annually, and it will depend on your swimming pool’s type and size. Take note of the areas which need frequent maintenance:

Motor and Pump – these require regular maintenance as they are prone to wear-and-tear. Gunk and other forms of debris can reach their mechanical parts and cause them to fail. Well pump specialists from Utah know that pool cleanings should be done weekly, especially during the summer months. Replacing these parts is expensive and periodic maintenance can help save money.

Fiberglass Resurfacing – instead of replacing the entire pool, resurfacing its fiberglass surface helps extend its life. This also allows the pool technicians to check the pool’s body for chips and cracks. These can easily be repaired through resurfacing and using fiberglass fillers. Resurfacing fees start at $6,500, and it can go higher depending on the pool’s size.

Liners for Aboveground Pools – this type of swimming pool is relatively easier to maintain as the entire pool is literally above the ground. Since these pools are located above ground, its liners need constant maintenance or replacement over time. Replacing these liners can set you back at around $1,500, including labor fees.

Owning a pool is a huge responsibility. You also need to do your part by allotting time to at least remove leaves from the pool’s surface and check if its water is still safe for swimming. Forget owning a swimming pool if you can’t do these simple tasks.

Upfront Pool Cost

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Building a backyard pool requires a “small fortune.” The upfront cost of building a pool could cost up to $80,000 for an average-sized one. Aside from the cost, another factor would be state laws and regulations about building and operating swimming pools. Some require residential pool owners to install safety equipment such as decks and fences (with locks). This is to ensure that pool-related accidents will be minimized.

Seeking advice from licensed pool contractors is highly recommended. They can help you with the planning stages, set the right budget, and follow state laws on pool safety.

Consider Getting Insurance for Your Pool

Insurance is required when building a pool within your home. Most states require coverage as it can protect you against possible liabilities connected with pool ownership. Although insurance companies can charge higher fees to cover such liabilities, it’s still a necessity to comply with local safety standards. Insurance coverage for these types of liabilities can reach up to $500,000, depending on the package offered.

Consider these first before you take a plunge in pool ownership. It’s fun to have a pool to entertain guests or take a dip during hot summer nights, but it also has a set of responsibilities.

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