Revenue Loop Privacy Notice

Revenue Loop respects your right to privacy. When you subscribe to our website, comment on our posts, or send us emails, we ensure your data stays protected.

To better protect your privacy, allow us to share our online information practices and learn what we do with the information you share to Revenue Loop.

Information Security

Our web development team follows strict and updated protocols on information collection and security. We take precautions using physical and technical facilities, but we cannot guarantee they are 100 percent foolproof.

Nevertheless, we value your trust and do our best to preserve it.

Information Collection

Revenue Loop collects your name and email address for:

  • Blog Subscription
  • Correspondence for Guest Writing
  • Correspondence for Collaborations
  • Comments Section

What We Do with Your Information

When you input your name and email address into our subscription form or provide them along with your email and post comments, we keep them on record for documentation and probable future correspondence.

We use the information you entrusted to us to enhance your website experience.

  • To enable you to comment on our articles and other content.
  • To deliver alerts to your email regarding newly published content.
  • To deliver promotions, limited offers, and other features you sign up for.
  • To respond to your emails and messages.

Automatic Collection

Besides the information you provide, our website collects information automatically through standard Internet protocols. This is to ensure you get access to all our content and provide you with a smooth website experience.

The information we collect includes:

  • Your preferred Javascript settings – To activate sound, menu functions, and other interactive features.
  • Your IP Address – To gather information about our website’s performance and your preferences so we may send content aligned with your interests.
  • Cookies – To make it easier and faster to comment or use our contact form.

Third-Party Disclosure

We will not share, trade, or sell your contact information to advertisers. However, we also work with third-party service providers (like our web hosting partners) in running our website. They are also bound by this privacy agreement, and we will work with them as long as they agree to keep your information confidential.

Revenue Loop reserves the right to disclose your information when the law requires it, and if doing so is necessary to protect our and other people’s rights.

Advertising and Third-Party Links

Revenue Loop may, occasionally, collaborate with other websites and guest writers. We may permit third-party links and advertisements to appear on our website. However, we have no responsibility or liability for the content and activities on these ads — especially for those from Google AdSense Advertising.

As for the affiliate links on our articles, we make sure they apply to our industry and offer value to our readers.

Your Rights

By filling out a form on our website, you are voluntarily giving us your contact information and allowing us to keep them in our records. You are welcome to contact us if you want to view, revise, or remove your information.

You may also opt out of our subscription service, disable cookies, and turn off permissions for Javascript settings. Please note that turning off permissions will also switch off features on our website, such as interactive menus and form auto-complete.

Privacy Policy Revisions

Revenue Loop reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. We will inform you of these changes and will only implement those that improve our service.

Your privacy is important to us. You have our assurance that we will keep your contact information safe.

For questions, get in touch with Revenue Loop today.