Ways to Make a Value Proposition That Works

A brand needs to click on all cylinders to reach its audience and convert at a high rate. One aspect you should improve is the value proposition. This is the base of your marketing campaign because it outlines the reasons your target customers should choose you over the competition. It also improves your brand identity and enables you to make a mark on your chosen niche.

The Basics of a Value Proposition

Experts from a trusted marketing agency agree that good value propositions provide a solution to a problem, alleviate customer worries, and offer a person a compelling reason to take action. It is a direct way of conveying your message to an audience. This allows you to distinguish your brand from the competition. The companies that stand out have written a proposition that is straightforward and easy to understand. Some of the brands that have a strong value proposition include Visa, FedEx, and Google just to name a few. They set an example of how to be specific about the benefits of using them without hard selling.

Some people make the mistake of confusing the value proposition with a slogan and the positioning statement. It consists of a headline, a sub headline, three points, and a visual that encapsulates your brand.

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Ways to Improve It

The value proposition plays an important role in your brand building and audience outreach. If you already have one in mind, here are ways to make it better.

  • Make it clear and concise. You want to capture the imagination of the audience once they read it. Use simple words and avoid jargon to avoid confusing readers. Speak to them in the language and tone they understand to convert at a higher rate.
  • Use language that distinguishes you from your direct competitors. Create a position and a need for your products and services. Show how you are better and name reasons your intended audience should choose you. Highlight the benefits of your company and provide concrete solutions to specific problems.
  • Avoid exaggerations and hype words. These come off as hard selling and may turn off potential customers. Stay neutral and direct to the point about who you are and what you offer. Simple words are easier to understand and communicate.
  • It conveys the measurable results that your products or services offer. People want results and good value for each dollar they spend. Put this into words and back up your claims to not just get a one-time customer, but a long time consumer.

Integrate these into your value proposition writing to get the results you desire. Combine the proposition with your marketing strategy. It acts as the foundation of your campaign because it will also help you write the brand slogan and positioning statement. Brainstorm with your team to find the right words and use the appropriate tone that can reach your intended audience. A holistic approach distinguishes you from the competitors and gives you a head start. You’ll need all the advantages you can utilize to gain the upper hand and expand your business.

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