Summer Loving TLC for Your Car

The summer season is the time to visit the beaches, where you will see people cooling themselves down by putting on their freshest outfits and savoring the waves. The climate may be scorching hot at times, but it is something that humans are adept at adjusting. But for your cars, it would be a different matter. Although they may have some measures in them that will help them fight off the heat, these should be taken in as guides so that you would know what to do in case problems arise.

There are other areas where the vehicle can be severely crippled when left alone under the intense rays of the sun. Be aware of this and prepare to give your car some good old summer loving that lasts. If that reminds you of something, maybe try following up on that car stereo installation so that your mind will be refreshed about it. Who knows when that song gets played on the radio?


The dashboard spans the whole width of your car’s interior. Since it is located right under the windshield, it can be subject to intense heat all of the time. While car companies use plastic materials that are durable under extreme weather, it will not hurt if you want to give it some protection.

For starters, you can grab some shades with insulating materials that block out intense sunlight. This even extends to the front seats so that you will not get surprised by the scorching heat when you lean back. This gives you some control over the car’s exposure to the sun for its own sake and the passengers’, too.


Under the searing weather, your car tires can wear themselves out even if they are not being driven over various pavement surfaces. Like many other materials, prolonged exposure could compromise the quality of the rubber. It could melt or warp, and there is a greater chance of you blowing out.

The high temperature could also affect the air pressure, as these still contain molecules that behave differently, depending on the weather. You can cool down your tires by splashing some water on them if you know that you have been parked outside for a long time already. It is also good for you to check the tire pressure before you embark on another trip.



Close up of white car's bumper

There is a lot of combustion going on in your car’s engine, so it is not surprising to know that it can be toasty no matter what the season is. But during summer, you should be mindful of its health so that you will not find yourself breaking down in the middle of the road because it has overheated.

Make sure that you are paying attention to the warnings of your instrument panel, which can diagnose stuff that is happening with your car. It can tell if it is getting too hot for its own good or if you need to change your oil. Make sure that your engine does not have leaking hoses so that the fluids that it needs to keep itself cool do not leak. On that note, make sure to replenish the coolant to keep the engine running smoothly.

Unlike the song, the loving that your car needs should extend even past summer. Extreme weather conditions will greatly affect the health and performance of your car, so it is just right to give it the caring treatment for the full year. If you love your car, it will love you back by being reliable and efficient and generally just catering to your needs.

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