Clever Ways to Maximize Small Space

It can come up as a huge challenge if you try to make a small space appear larger. Most people utilize mirrors, painting techniques to make the area appear larger.  Then, others purchase built-in systems that stay concealed from others’ eyes. Apart from placing furniture around, you have to think about more. Movement is essential, as no one would like to bump into furniture and hurt themselves.

Today, there is no shortage of options. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a large apartment, there is something for all. You have to be a smart thinker to fully utilize the space you have at hand.

Read about the best ways to maximize the space here.

Increase the Floor Space

Small spaces tend to get congested very fast. You have to regularly clean and scrub the area to maintain cleanliness. Remove the clutter, and you will find the space looking more open. Rely more on the walls. You should avoid using floor lamps and table lamps, as they add to the bulk.

You should opt for wall-mounted lamps instead. Floating shelves are also in fashion. You can use such shelves on the main walls and the corners. Most people use them to store books and knickknacks. Today, wall-mounted wardrobes are also a rage.

Apart from the above, you should go for lighter furniture with a straight finish. Curves make it quite cumbersome. You can also throw in a geometrical printed rug with large prints to add space and a dash of color to the floor. That is because large prints make a space look larger. Use colors like whites and grays to make the area appear bigger and more expansive.

Look for Hidden Storage Options

There are myriad options for storage today. If you enter a home store, you will find some useful furniture pieces. Dressers, coffee tables, ottomans, capsule wardrobes; you name it, and the shopkeeper shows you the way. A coffee table with built-in storage will simultaneously store multiple things, like magazines and books.

When your guests arrive, you can serve coffee and take out some books to read. The dressers are masterpieces of a sort. You will get five to six shelves inside, apart from bangle holders and drawers. Any woman will fall in love with such dressers, which look very narrow and dainty from a distance. Once you open it, it is a Pandora’s box inside.

Things like old bicycles, redundant devices, and toys lie idly around the house. Create your garage depot system. Why leave that space cluttered? You can also utilize it to store your garden tools and sports equipment. Move all the unnecessary things into that space, and see how your house looks big and spacious. It is more apt to have nicely constructed cabinets for small parking spaces. The more organized they are, the easier it is to park the vehicle, too.

Get Bigger Windows and Doors

woman drawing the curtains back

As already told before, you should concentrate on the walls. They play a huge role in space maximization. You can have large bay windows constructed in the old windows with broad sills. If you don’t know where to keep your planters, stop right now! Move them indoors.

The available sunlight will reach the interiors if the windows are large enough. Natural light can make the room appear bigger. The same goes for the bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom, you can install one-way glazed panes that help the light come in without being seen. Large doors also make the space appear larger and give a royal vibe.

Choose Paints Wisely

The first paint color that comes to mind is white. Use it to paint the space and see its after-effects. White walls reflect a lot of light and make the space appear larger.  Make the walls lighter and brighter. It is what optical illusions are all about. The opposite, i.e., dark colors make it appear smaller. Also, try to add trimmings to the walls, apart from the base color. It also gives an expansive feel to the space. The trimmings create an optical illusion of depth. So, automatically feel that the walls are farther than they are.

Use Lots of Mirrors

Yes, we have reached that thing that everyone loves. Mirrors reflect what’s in front and make the space expansive. They also give a feeling of depth, just like the trimmings. If you place a mirror opposite to the window, you will feel embraced by the external greenery and nature, as well. They also reflect both artificial and natural lights and make the place look bigger and, of course, better.

These are a few things you can incorporate into your home to make it appear big and expansive.

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