How to Get Your Winning Smile Back

We all want to look our best. However, we may start to lose that confidence once we start having problems with our teeth. This is why it is important to improve your oral hygiene. A trip to your local dentist is a good way to start this.

There are several factors people experience oral problems. While this could be mostly because of poor dental habits and accidents, some conditions could be a symptom of another health problem– or could also be genetics.

The good thing about today’s modern cosmetic dentistry is that there are now several options to improve your teeth and smile. For example, getting veneers in Salt Lake City, Utah has become a popular procedure, which provides great results.

Here are some of the common oral problems and the best ways to treat them.

Bad Breath

This could be a symptom of other oral problems like gum infection, decaying teeth, and others. While people usually go for quick remedies like minty gums, this is not really helping the root cause of the problem. In fact, it could even make things worse. The first thing you need to do is to visit your local dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment. This could have different underlying factors.

In case you’re dealing with gum infection or the presence of abscesses has been detected, you may undergo an oral procedure like a root canal. For minor cases, the usual remedy for this is to brush and floss your teeth properly. Dental clinics may also recommend some of the best products to resolve this issue such as breath sprays and specialized toothpaste. Drinking lots of water can also help resolve this problem.

Crooked Teeth

Having gaps or misaligned teeth is one of the main reasons for a person to hide his smile. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry has found ways to correct these issues. Some procedures you can look into include getting veneers (for minor gaps or misalignments), dental bonding, clear or invisible braces (for more severe problems). Having any of these dental treatments done can mean that a perfect dazzling smile can be yours soon.

Missing Tooth or Teeth

This happens more often than most people think. The dental treatment for this depends on the root cause of the problem. Dentists usually perform x-rays to ensure there are no affected nerves or bone structure. Just like the treatment plan for crooked teeth, dental clinics may recommend a dental crown, veneers, composite bonding, or sometimes – dental implants. Take note that the rates may vary depending on the severity of the case and your preferred dental procedure.

Yellow or Stained Teeth


Now, this oral problem usually occurs due to a lack of oral hygiene and lifestyle. For example, drinking too much coffee or tea and smoking cigarettes can stain your pearly whites. Yellow or stained teeth can affect your confidence to smile. Thanks to dental advancements, this is now easier to resolve. You can set an appointment for teeth whitening, which may only take 30 minutes to one hour.

Your dentist may also recommend using teeth whitening products to help get back your winning smile. Another effective home remedies for this are oil pulling, using baking soda, apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. If you wish your results to be a little faster and more dramatic, whitening or bleaching strips should do the trick.

These are just some of the few common oral problems you may encounter in the future. While there are several home remedies for some of these problems, it is still advisable to consult your dentist for an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

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