E-mail Marketing Practices for Insurance Agencies

E-mail marketing is one of the best forms of online marketing available for businesses. There are now about 4 billion active e-mail users. So if you want to grow your insurance agency, you need to prioritize e-mail marketing. Here are some strategies on how to do that.

   1. Ask your target audience what they want to see

What you might want to share with your e-mail list and what the subscribers want to see can be two very different things. To keep them engaged, you should provide relevant content that is useful and timely. And the best way to do that is to ask your audience what they want.

You can use surveying tools to determine your subscriber’s knowledge, the buying stage that they are in, and the information gaps that they have. That will then enable you to create content that they will enjoy learning.

   2. Always personalize your subject lines

Nobody wants to feel as if they are part of a crowd that you targeted with your e-mails. For that reason, you should consider personalizing your e-mails so that the readers can feel that you are speaking to them and their situation. And you can start by sending out a welcome e-mail. Research shows that most consumers expect a welcome e-mail after subscribing. So take that opportunity to make an excellent first impression.


   3. Use videos to communicate effectively

The popularity of videos continues to grow. And you shouldn’t ignore this mode of communication when marketing your insurance agency via e-mail. Studies show that by incorporating videos in your e-mail, you can increase the click-through-rate by up to 300%. And that’s not all. The strategy can also decrease your unsubscribe rate by as much as 75%.

There are many types of information you can put into your e-mail videos. These include case studies of your previous clients, regular breakdowns of available insurance products, Q & A content in discussions with insurance clients who want clarity about what you offer, and more.

   4. Don’t be afraid to ask people to buy your products

It is not wise for you to sell your insurance products in every e-mail you send out. But you need to schedule those sales e-mails. When you take the time to provide helpful content regularly, your audience will have no problems reading and viewing sales e-mails. It’s all about balance.

And be sure to include a clear call-to-action that compels your audience to take the action that you want them to take. That button can help you increase your click-through rate by 28%, thus helping you raise your sales and revenues.

In the end, selling insurance might not be easy, especially in this era of skeptical consumers who hate being sold to. But it will be much easier if you incorporate e-mail marketing into your agency’s overall marketing strategy. E-mails are very convenient, and most internet users read them regularly. If you implement out-of-the-box ideas, you will see your business grow in terms of sales and revenue.

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