How to Ace Your First Virtual Job Interview

To prevent covid-19 from spreading further, plenty of companies have switched to remote work through the use of project management apps, videoconferencing systems, and other remote communication and collaboration tools.

Companies that are still hiring have also switched to virtual job interviews instead of face-to-face interviews. For many job seekers, trying to communicate their brand narrative and pitch their qualifications through video calls is unfamiliar territory.

If you are currently on a job search or are scheduled for a virtual job interview with the content agency you’re dying to be a part of, here are some simple guidelines to help you impress your potential employer and land the job.

Prepare Yourself Thoroughly

As with any face-to-face job interview, you must be prepared to discuss at length why you want to be a part of the company, how the organization’s mission and values resonate with you, as well as the value you’ll bringing to the company if they hire you.

Research potential interview questions and practice your responses so that you’ll be more confident and comfortable with yourself during the actual interview. Also, don’t hesitate to prepare a list of your own questions for the hiring manager.

Place Yourself in a Clean, Quiet, and Properly Lit Space

It’s crucial to pick a neutral, clean, well-lit, and quiet place to do the virtual interview. Limit potential interruptions from pets, family members, partners, or roommates. Test your light sources to make sure that the interviewer can see you clearly.

Opt for headphones or earphones for the video call to ensure clearer audio, reduce surprise background noise, and minimize the occurrence of echo. And turn off those notifications!

Conduct a Test Run

Test and check your tools days before your interview and an hour before the interview. Double-check your video conferencing platform, Internet connection, audio, and camera to confirm that they’re all functioning properly.

No matter how prepared you are, however, there’s always that slim chance that your Internet connection glitches or your tools break. When this happens, be honest with the interviewer so you could come up with solutions.

person having an online meeting

Let Your True, Authentic Self Shine Through

Besides demonstrating the knowledge and experience you can bring to the position and the company, you should also show who you are as an individual. The interviewer will be observing you try and assess whether you’re the best person for the position and a great culture addition to the company.

Highlight soft skills such as adaptability, deft communication, and body language to clearly communicate your personality and confidence. Also, always let the interviewer finish what they’re saying before responding. If you didn’t understand or hear a question properly, ask clarifying questions once they’re done talking.

Dress For The Occasion

If you’re completely in the dark about what to wear for your virtual interview, go for business casual. This means not too formal but not too casual either. Dressing the part will convey to the hiring manager that you’re serious about the job.

Likewise, individuals usually feel more confident and comfortable when wearing appropriate business attire. Shoes are optional, but bottoms are mandatory even if you’re sitting down.

Make Sure to Follow Up

After the interview, get in touch with the interviewer through email or text message to thank them for the opportunity and their time. But don’t ask them how you did in the interview, wait for them to reach out to you for the results.

Ultimately, virtual job interviews are not that different from in-person interviews. Your mission is to convey how valuable you could be for the company and that you’re the perfect individual for the position.

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