6 Unconventional Venue Ideas for Company Events

Holding every company event in a conference hall can become boring too quickly. For the sake of your employees and other attendees, why not try some non-traditional venues for your next corporate event?

When you have enough corporate events in conventional venues such as tents, ballrooms, and conference rooms, every event can feel like the same thing. Usually, this takes out the fun of a corporate gathering and can even make your attendance rate decline.

Granted, booking the traditional venues are easier, but a trusted corporate event planning company in Kansas City recommends something a little different, such as the following unique venues:

1. Art gallery

Ditch boring old conference halls for something that can inspire creativity, such as art galleries. When planning your agenda, incorporate art viewing in the middle or end of your main event. You don’t have to book the best and most famous artists to give your attendees a feast for the eyes; up-and-coming local artists can do just as well.

If possible, commission these artists to make something related to your event’s theme–you can even sell these art pieces to your attendees to help fund the budget.

2. Rooftops

With fresh night air combined with a 360 view of the city, it’s no wonder many people like attending events held on rooftops. Although it’s not ideal for a large audience, rooftop restaurants and bars are great for meetings, company parties, and recognition nights.

3. Country venues

Country venues like barns, farmhouses, villas, and vineyards are relatively inexpensive to book compared to places in the city, especially if you have a long list of attendees. More importantly, countryside venues are less rigid and can inspire employees to have fun and not think about work for the meantime. Hence, they are ideal for company retreats and team-building activities.

4. Warehouses

employees in the warehouse

Warehouses tend to feel more open than traditional conference halls, which is great for making the event feel less stiff. This type of venue also gives you a lot of wide, open space that allows for maximum flexibility for the event layout and decorating.

5. Outdoors

Employees likely spend more than enough time cooped up indoors. Give them a chance to reconnect with nature by bringing the next company event to an outdoor space, which can be a campground, sports field, garden, or park, among a lot of other possible venues. However, the weather may not cooperate with you during the whole event, so make sure that you have a tent for shelter in case it starts to rain.

6. Comedy or night club

These clubs already have a stage and seating, but they are more fun than the usual event venue. If you are throwing a company party, a night club has almost everything that you need on-site: lights, music, drinks, and a fun, laid-back atmosphere. As a treat, you can even hire a performer to cap off the event after the main agenda is done.

Don’t play it safe by booking the same traditional event venues over and over. If you want to make your next corporate event enjoyable and memorable for your attendees, and not just another event that they have to sit through, consider these unconventional venues.

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