Getting the Most Value from Sudden Wealth

Most people work hard for their incomes. They depend on their paychecks alone to cover their expenses. But what if you chance upon sudden wealth? It could be winning the lotto, getting a surprise inheritance, or nailing a promotion. How do you manage such a change? Here are some excellent ideas.

Check Where You Can Shorten Payments

Before acquiring this sudden wealth, you might already have some significant payments. One typical example of this is your home mortgage. Now, you can reevaluate. With a large amount of money at hand, will a mortgage refinancing be wise? You can take a part of your cash and allot it for the increase in your monthly home payment. 

This will be a good investment as you will see the effects after some years. You can complete your payment quickly and have your very own home.

Live Within the Same Standards

One of the dangers of getting sudden wealth is the lure to be a one-day millionaire. When you find yourself in this situation, do not jump at the chance of buying everything within reach. As much as possible, maintain the standard of living that you had before.

It is also wise to get some professionals to help you manage your acquired fortune. This way, you would not see it go up in smoke. This is common in such scenarios because of financial mismanagement.

Educate Yourself with Investments

Whether acquired or earned, one of the most practical ways to keep your money growing is to invest. But you might need some financial advice at the start to clear any technical areas. When you invest, you give your money a longer life.

Instead of spending it and seeing it disappear, see the potentials of your sudden wealth. Make it a growing asset. Do not let it be stagnant or turn it into a liability.

Aim to Pay off Debts

If you have existing debts, now is an excellent time to cut away a big chunk of it or wipe it off. Your acquired wealth can help you to clear your debts in an instance. This would otherwise take you a long time to do. Thus, it is wise to focus on this area first before thinking of large purchases.

Also, having no debts gives you more financial freedom. You can make more profitable business decisions with the money you have. Once you have cleared off debts, make it an aim to stay debt-free as much as possible.

Resist to Show Off and Tell All

You might get excited about the good news and tell everybody about it. You might even back up the news by spending way too much. This is a very unwise move. You should not divulge unexpected wealth without much thought. If you do, some people might take advantage of you. Also, some will think that you have not worked hard for it. Thus, it is fine to spend it freely.

Avoid this situation by being selective of people you share the news with. Choose people you think that put your welfare first before their gain.


Sudden wealth should not shift your focus on being responsible with your finances. If you ride on the hype of such an acquisition, it would be gone long before you can make good use of it. Think well about how to spend it. When you do, you will see your life improve.

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