Environmental Friendliness by Recycling Resources in Your Own Home

Home is where the heart is, and that is saying a lot. This is where your family does a lot of activities, may it be doing chores, eating, entertainment, and even socialising. Despite this, we often forget that every resource we use has an effect on the environment in one way or another.

The items we use and throw away can go back to nature and have negative consequences such as pollution and contamination. That is why recycling is being campaigned for decades, and every community is encouraged to participate or at least contribute to the relief of our surroundings.

You can start small by doing it at home, and here are a few suggestions.


Water is one of the most wasted resources around the house. A faucet left running after use can greatly add to your water bill without knowing it. Water is used for cleaning, watering plants, and drinking. Whenever there’s rain, there is an abundance of water, but not all of it can be used normally due to the bacteria and other microscopic germs present.

With this, you can invest in water purifiers and water filter systems. This can help you recycle rain and greywater to repurpose them. For example, water that has been used for cleaning dishes can go through the filtration system and be used to water plants or wash the car.

You’ll see a difference in your utility bills when you utilise it.


One of the most common supplies that you can find around the house is paper. It can come in many forms: books, files, envelopes, cardboard boxes, and even wrappers. If there are pieces of paper around the house that you think can be used as scratch paper, you can compile them into one place and turn them into new notebooks.

Old calendars can serve as wrappings or protective shielding for delicate products. Paper that isn’t clean anymore can be shredded and turned into recycled paper. There are tutorials available on how you can do that and repurpose them for various uses.

Old Gadgets 

New technology is introduced almost every year. We have gone from using big, bulky monitors to smaller and sleeker ones. Old televisions are now replaced with innovative flat screen “Smart” TVs. Mobile phones have gone from the bulky ones that you could only call from to smartphones that can do anything from messaging to playing games to surfing the internet.

Needless to say, there will be gadgets that will be considered disposable. But instead of just getting rid of them, you can bring them to a recycling plant that will know what to do and dispose of them responsibly. Even though they are old tech, they still contain metals that can be repurposed for repair or sold to tech companies for repurposing.

Small things matter, and even in your own little way, you can still make a difference and help our environment recover from all the damage that man has caused through the years. Nature has provided us with all the resources we need for life to continue.

And it’ll be a wise choice for us to preserve it for the current and future generations to thrive. Take care of it so it will continue taking care of us.

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