Why You Should Start a Business in Clark

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The metro is so congested that many opt to venture outside of it. Unlike the metro, there are a lot of business opportunities in the province since more people are having a difficult time finding an affordable place to live in the city. One of the most promising business locations today is Clark, Pampanga, where foreign investors are finding it easier to start a venture due to a transparent business process.

This makes the town even more attractive to those who are looking to settle down and purchase a lot for sale where they can build a home or a business establishment. There are a lot of other reasons why investing in a lot or residence in Clark is a great idea at this time:

World-class Location

Clark has gone global in terms of facilities for both business and leisure. No longer is it isolated to being a tourist destination due to its free port and beach, but doing business here has reached global standards with the construction of Clark Global City. This means more employment and business opportunities for those who will be residing in Pampanga. Those who are planning to start a family can take comfort in knowing that there are public and private schools that offer quality education, which is a must when looking for a neighborhood to move into.

Cost Efficiency

Since it’s out of the metro, you can expect commodity prices and taxes to be a lot lower in the province. Provincial tax is significantly lower compared to the city, allowing investors to give more to their employees and business. Utility bills are also lower in this part of the country, which can mean better facilities and benefits and faster ROI; something that employees and entrepreneurs will be happy about. There are also farms and livestock in the province and nearby areas, making vegetables and dairy products a lot cheaper.

International Airport

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There is no need to travel to Manila to get to the airport as Angeles City has its own Clark International Airport. This is a welcome convenience for expats and foreign investors who are running businesses in the nation and other Asian countries. Some of the popular destinations include Seoul-Incheon, Macau, and Hong Kong. You can also fly to local destinations such as Caticlan, Cebu, Davao, Puerto Princesa, Kalibo, El Nido, and more.

Manila-Clark Railway System

If you’re sick and tired of the traffic in major cities, then it’s a relief to know that the Manila-Clark railway system’s construction is underway and is expected to be completed by 2021, making the commute from Manila to Pampanga faster and more convenient for the public.

There is no denying that this northern province is becoming a melting pot for international investors, tourists, and the working class. The next big thing might no longer happen in Manila but in provinces that possess great potential for various industries. Thus, whether you’re planning to start a business or are looking for a home, make sure to look beyond the metro and consider what Clark has to offer.

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