Why the Right Box Matters

For sellers and suppliers, the right box goes a long way to improving your brand image, and it’s also a great way to show your customers that you care about their convenience. Here are some ideas on how to choose the right box for the right package:

Outside the Box

First, ask yourself: do I even need a box? There are some packages that really don’t require big and bulky boxes, such as coffee beans or hats or documents. Nearly anything right now can have its own, customized container that is easier to ship, easier to handle, and ultimately, makes for better customer experience.

If you’re a supplier sending items to a customer, consider thinking outside the box and go for more customized packaging. Send coffee beans via zip-lock bags or tiny burlap sacks, or send photos or cards via flat mailers. The list goes on, and you’re only limited by your imagination.

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Choose Your Box Source

But if you’re going for more ‘traditional’ boxes, then make sure you source them from the right supplier. While postal outlets will usually have a great selection of boxes and packages of different shapes and sizes, your best bet for customized boxes that can carry design is from box stores.

There are tons of box suppliers out there who create boxes for clients and ships them free samples in exchange for using their in-house shipping services. Of course, make sure the supplier you’re getting from uses biodegradable materials so that people can easily recycle your packaging.

(The Right) Size Matters

Going back to our point earlier, the box you send, whether customized or not, needs to be the right size and dimensions. Again, not only does this help our delivery people; it also helps your clients spend less on shipping. After all, many shippers will price your package depending on size, specifically dimension and weight.

The snugger your box is, the fewer dimensions it has, and the less weight it has. Ultimately, this means savings for you and your customers. Of course, it also helps if you add a dimension chart in your website so your clients will know how big of a box to expect.

The Right Box for the Right Package: Why it Matters at All

It’s comforting to know that despite a global pandemic shuttering most businesses, the shipping and delivery industry is still fighting and going strong. Sure, international trade might have slowed down, but America is big enough that receiving a package from one state to the other is just as exciting as receiving a package from some far off land.

With that in mind, and with respect to our brave front liners that include package delivery people and truck drivers, it’s important to choose the right box for the right package. Remember that they have to disinfect every package that comes their way, so finding the right size and shape for your box is essential to not only ensure your safety but also to help our delivery guys maintain a safe working environment.

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