Why is Your Store Empty? Make Customers Check Out Your Small Business

You have a good product and your staff is well-trained to provide great service. However, you are struggling to capture the attention of potential customers. Despite being in a location that has high foot traffic, people walk past your store.

Why is that?

It turns out, placing an “Open” sign is not enough to encourage people to go into the store. You need to do something to make them stop in their tracks and pay attention to what you are selling.

Your store needs an eye-catching design. Here are some ideas that will make your store stand out from competitors.

Instagrammable Interiors

Even if you have the best quality products in the market, if your store is bland and boring, you would fail to entice consumers to come in.

Take Apple, for example. Their minimalist, well-lit, spacious layout provides customers an experience that they cannot get anywhere else. It became iconic. It became the place to be.

You have to think of a design that works for you. However, be careful not to let your store’s interior drown out your products. Simple updates like putting up a wallpaper or wall sticker design can make a difference. Metamark MD5 vinyl can be used for images and patterns that can be added onto your wall. It is versatile — it can be applied to flat or curved surfaces — and allows for color accuracy. It can also be used on signage.

You can also use different kinds of furniture. If you want the store to look cozy, you could add a rug and couches. Make the store a place for your customers to hang around as well as shop.

Your Storefront Matters, Too

restaurant signYour storefront is the first thing that your customers see. Make a good impression by designing a charming window display.

You do not have to be loud with huge speakers and bright flickering lights. A simple design that showcases your most popular products elegantly can be just as effective. The design has to be consistent; what the customer sees outside should match what is inside. Otherwise, they might be disappointed and walk out the door before they even check the merchandise.

Change the Lighting

Bright lights are not always flattering. Look at drugstores and department stores, places where they use stark white bulbs to illuminate the space. They do not actually make the product look attractive to buyers.

Add lighting that compliments the space. Amber tones are very flattering, especially for taking photos. During the day, if your store is lucky enough to have windows, take advantage of it and let lots of natural light in.

Host Events

People love to party. The best way to entice potential customers into entering your store is by throwing a party.

During the party, offer testers and discounts. You can also host in-store and online contests by encouraging attendees to post photos on social media and tag your pages. The winner gets freebies.

An event will create a buzz before, during, and after. Hopefully, it will send people to your door.

Many shoppers nowadays prefer to shop online. With increasing competition, it is going to be tough to entice consumers to check out your brick and mortar stores. These tips, however, if done right can keep people coming back over and over again.

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