What Your Guy Really Wants For A Gift (It’s Not What You Might Be Thinking)

It’s that time of year again, and so soon after Christmas, you find yourself going through that list of possible gifts that won’t give the special man in your life that glazed look of ‘what were you thinking’? Instead of regular gifts, like socks and shirts, or the all too familiar BBQ tools and Apron, why not have personalized engraved knives made just for his interests?

A Knife to Fit His Life

Whether your guy is into hunting, fishing, or cooking, there is a knife made for him. It’s easy to find a single knife or set of professional knives that will surprise and delight him. There are as many types of knives and uses that suit guys with different interests.

  1. For the chef, whether he’s your personal chef or a professional, there are essential pieces of ‘must-have’ kitchen equipment. According to Wide Open Eats, however, none are more important than the right knife for the job. There are single special purpose knives or complete knife sets that will fit nearly all his food prep needs. You can find these in beautiful presentation cases that also serve to protect the knife. You can engrave a special quote, date, name or anything special on either the case and/or knife.
  2. For your hunter, according to Game and Fish magazine, a knife is an essential tool. There are skinning knives, and knives made for butchering, slicing, boning and those for field dressing a kill before hauling it back to camp. The hunting knives come in many sizes and a wide price range. These types of knives normally come in a leather sheath that can be attached to a belt. Engraving the knife or customizing the sheath with a design called leather tooling will make this gift even more special.
  3. Regardless of the type of fishing, he does Sport Fishing Magazine says the fisherman in your life can always use a fillet knife, or a good folding knife, also known as a pocketknife. Make sure you get a knife that is rustproof and not made from something like stainless steel, not carbon steel, as your fisherman will be using it in or near water and moist conditions and you won’t want it to corrode or rust. You can also get a set of more than one knife to fit different types of fishing and needs such as deep-sea fishing for big fish and stream fishing for trout or lake fish. The handle, blade, or case can be personalized with engraving and make this an extra thoughtful gift.
  4. If your guy is a carpenter, mechanic, plumber, electrician, or does most any type of work or even retired, a multi-tool knife will get daily use. It will have many convenient tools in addition to the cutting blade or blades. This type of knife can contain anything from scissors to bottle openers, and files to screwdrivers, from corkscrews to tweezers, a fork or spoon, a flashlight or matches, and pliers to toothpicks! The list is as varied as the guy you’ll be gifting it to.

Making It Unique and Thoughtful

There is a unique type of knife to fit your budget and your favorite guy’s interests. With a little pre-planning and imagination, you can find the perfect quote, phrase, nickname or special date to have it engraved with. With such a special touch you’ll be ensuring that each time he uses your gift he will be reminded of how much he is cared about.

A Happy Guy Makes A Happy You

Couple Exchanging Gifts on Valentines Day

Even if your guy doesn’t cook, fish or hunt there is a knife out there that he will wonder how he ever managed to do without. When you present him with a beautiful, customized knife, or set of knives, instead of the expected same old dull gift he will wonder what he ever did to deserve such a brilliant and thoughtful person in his life and don’t we all want to look good in our guy’s eyes.

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