Using Industrial Vending Machines to Dispense PPE in High-Risk Worksites

Industrial vending machines have become common sights in various workplaces in different industries. From warehouses to factories, these automated dispensers have been adopted for their ability to optimise operations. Specifically, the machines have the ability to efficiently dispense tools and equipment, mitigating common problems that result from human error.

Recently, they have been considered as a way to enhance employee safety. Instead of being equipped with repair equipment and spare parts, these vending machines will hold personal protective equipment (PPE) and first-aid supplies. Utilised this way, employers can improve their method of occupational health and safety (OHS) compliance while actively promoting site safety among their employees.

PPE Vending Machines Offer Several Benefits

  • Reduce Inventory Costs

Employers are legally required to provide employees with PPE. When the process isn’t properly regulated, it can be an expensive undertaking. An industrial vending machine tracks the dispensation and controls access to certain items. It also prevents the over-consumption of equipment.

  • Automate Inventory Management

The machine records every transaction, from what item was dispensed to who acquired it. With accurate information about PPE demand, employers can project how much they need to order the next time around. The system eliminates the procurement of unnecessary items and manages obsolescence.

  • Increase Employee Efficiency

An industrial vending machine can be accessed 24/7. Employees no longer have to wait for their manager or the person in charge to validate their transaction. The shortened employee downtime will lead to the completion of projects in a timelier manner.

  • Improve Workplace Safety

The same programme that tracks items can also be used to monitor which employees have utilised the service. Additionally, the accessibility to these items allows employees to equip themselves with the necessary PPE immediately.

  • Encourage Mindfulness in Employees

The accountability and transparency that come with industrial vending machines can encourage employees to be more mindful of their belongings. This decreases the number of items lost due to being misplaced.

What Do We Gain in a PPE-Accessible Environment?

out of focus vending machine

The very nature of an accident means that it is unpredictable; employers can, however, take steps to prevent them from occurring. Providing adequate and quality PPE is at the top of the list.

PPE ranges from high-visibility clothing to powered air respirators. At its core, these safety tools provide employees with additional safeguards in high-risk environments. On a business level, all types of PPE present employers with an effective means of avoiding costly consequences.

  • Prevent Injury-Related Downtime

Illnesses and injuries that result from work-related accidents or situations take manpower away from operations. To keep up with deadlines, employers are forced to recruit replacements or increase the remaining employees’ workloads. Both would require additional compensation.

  • Prevent Injury-Related Litigation

An injured employee has the ability to sue their employer for negligence or imprudence. However, employers can protect themselves from this scenario by strictly adhering to Australia’s safety standards. This can be accomplished through the implementation of industry-specific safety measures and the distribution of PPE.

There are several ways in which employers can actively promote employee health and safety in the workplace. However, to do so with the available technology streamlines the process. These days, there is no shortage of industrial vending machine suppliers. It is just a matter of choosing the right one.

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