Top LinkedIn Marketing Tricks to Help Grow Your Business

LinkedIn is a great social platform for networking and growing one’s business, allowing users to post engaging content and participating in industry discussions, companies, and generally use it to market to potential customers and partners. Thanks to the increasing demands for digital marketing, even marketing agencies from different locations are including LinkedIn in their campaigns—gaining more leads and business partners along the way.

Here are some marketing tips that can help you use LinkedIn better, boosting your marketing efforts and connections with consumers.

Target Specific Professionals

LinkedIn’s advertising functions allow you to use filters such as industries, company size, and job title to target specific individuals you’re looking for—ideally, people that will most likely engage with your company, services, products, or messages. Targeting these individuals helps you mitigate waste on ad funds and maximize the power of your marketing campaigns.

To do this, decide who your ad needs and what professional categories they fall into. For instance, if you’re running an ad for your commercial plumbing business, you may want to target LinkedIn users with titles such as “managers” and “directors” to reach professionals that’ll most likely need plumbing services for their establishments.

However, keep in mind to not go over-target as doing so can limit your reach. Use no more than two or three targeting options simultaneously, and in terms of audience size, don’t limit it as well. LinkedIn recommends targeting audiences of at least 50,000 individuals for sponsored content and text ads while 15,000 for sponsored InMails.

Post Informative and Top-Quality Content

Providing quality and informative content can be highly targeted, helping business owners accomplish several goals. These include teaching others how to solve an issue or two, establishing you as a thought leader in the niche. Next is by offering prospects ‘real value,’ it naturally leads to more business.

Promote Your Content

Besides providing top-quality content, you need to spread the word. LinkedIn allows you to share your content with professionals inside and outside your industry using sponsored content. With this, you can directly promote your blogs, e-books, and other digital content to users of the platform. Advertising content is crucial as increased content exposure helps you establish your brand as an authoritative figure, one that users can trust and respect.

Hire New Employees

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Although LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media platforms for professionals, many don’t realize its massive potential for recruiting employees. You can reach the exact types of professionals you need by using the network’s ‘targeting options,’ and since most of your prospective candidates are already likely active, all you need to do is message them up.

To make your job ads more appealing to potential candidates, make sure to use headlines that capture attention, images reflecting company culture, and selling points highlighting the benefits of working for the company, such as competitive ways and benefits.

Join Groups and be Active

An efficient way of getting the most out of LinkedIn is joining groups relevant to your target demographic, be active, and help the members out. Doing this not only serves as a fantastic way of listening in on what the audience is talking about, but it also allows you to get advice from other small business owners. These give you a perspective on both sides, enabling you to develop better solutions than competitors.

Additionally, you can message the group members even if you’re not connected, giving you a cost-effective way of building relationships with potential customers.

Begin with Connections then Build Relationships

LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals to connect with others in their industry. So, as a business owner, make sure to communicate with prospects, strategic business partners, referral partners, and other CEOs. Once you’ve made these connections, nurture these connections, and grow the relationship.

From creating connections to earning leads, you can do numerous things with LinkedIn, making it a crucial factor in any digital marketing strategy—and the marketing tricks mentioned can help you get the most out of the platform.

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