Top Ideas for Recruiting New Talent at Your Next Company Party

Although company events are mainly held for appreciating your existing employees and giving them a chance to bond outside of work, they could likewise be an excellent opportunity for recruiting new talent. Encouraging prospective employees to company parties will give them a chance to experience your company culture and what better way than to show off your top talent as well. With help from a corporate event planning company, below are easy ideas to consider when considering leveraging your party to recruit new talent.

Inform Your Existing Employees

This is pretty basic, but a lot of companies fail to inform their employees that the party also doubles as a recruiting event. That said, you should urge your employees to bring along someone who might be looking for work or interested in working in your company to the event.

Although this might seem like an unnecessary expense for these extra attendees, surveys say that a huge percentage of talent hired through recruiting events or referral remain in the company for at least a year. So give your employees at least a month’s notice to recruit people to go with them to the event.

Give Out Awesome Swag

business people socializingWhile your prospective recruits are having the time of their lives, ensure that you give out awesome swag to remember your company by. Aside from helping them feel like they are one step closer to being part of your firm, this will also encourage them to speak about the party and your business with other people. Do not underestimate the might power of traditional word-of-mouth marketing, particularly when trying to recruit new talent.

Set Up an Irresistible Photo Booth

Think about the long-term benefits of your recruiting event. Capturing great photographs of your existing and prospective employees bonding and having fun is an invaluable recruitment tool you can post on your social media accounts, website and various recruiting materials.

In addition, consider shooting videos of the event and encouraging attendees to snap a ton of photos and videos and post them on their social media accounts with your event #hashtag of course. At the end of the party, give a prize for the most creative and candid photos and videos.

Hold a Recruiting Contest

Consider making bringing in potential recruits to the event a contest by giving every employee points for every potential employee they bring to the party, how many came in for an actual interview and how many people you actually hire.

Aside from encouraging employees to bring along more people to the party, this will also ensure that they bring qualified referrals that can deliver real value to your company. Offer a generous prize to whoever wins the contest so that everyone will be encouraged to participate.

Yes, getting a hold of new employees could be tough, particularly if your business rests on the specific skills and talents of your employees. With that said, you need to take every chance you can to attract new talent. If you are looking for more creative and unconventional to recruit, keep these ideas in mind for your next company party.

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