Top 6 Ways to Pivot Your Events Business Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Among the numerous challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon businesses, hosting live events is one of the most significant issues. Because of the concern of spreading the virus, tons of brick-and-mortar venues closed, and many large gatherings got canceled to keep everyone safe and healthy. So, how can you keep your events business up and running amidst the pandemic?

Event businesses have had to pivot their approach to industry events and continually find new ways to meet potential stockholders, investors, and clients.

Here are the best ways you can pivot your events business amid the pandemic.

Contactless Rentals and Deliveries

Numerous event businesses have already provided delivery and rental services in the past, but it always involved dozens of workers going to the client’s home. You can continue these operations, but it’s best to take extra precautions.

For instance, if you’re a party rental store, send only one or two workers to the client’s home. They can drop off the tables, chairs, and other party needs or set up at an empty venue ahead of time. When the party is finished, instruct them to leave their rentals in safe, designated places for pick up the next day. Of course, you need to discuss this with your clients beforehand.

Hosting Virtual Events

One of the best and efficient strategies events businesses have done to cope with the pandemic’s restrictions on holding gatherings is hosting virtual events. Pivoting your operations to the new world of online or virtual events is the best decision you can make. So, make sure to get the most out of the moment by partnering with technical and audiovisual companies to ensure you provide the best and high-impact virtual event experience possible to your clients.

Live Streaming and Webcasting

Live streaming and webcasting are some of the most critical tools and strategies that can help any events business. These two allow you to bring your live events to the online world with ease, ensuring your operations keep running amid the pandemic. You can help your clients worldwide via live streaming or provide commissioned high-definition and instructional videos, allowing them to host virtual events with ease. You can also offer ‘open and honest conversations’ or ‘question and answer sessions’ with your clients via live streams, telling them how they can restructure their events.

Encouraging your employees to take advantage of the extra time they may have at home by staying up to date regarding the events industry state, allowing them to be prepared once full-on live events are once again accepted.

person having an online meeting

Help Companies Rebuild Events Virtually

Many businesses got affected by the pandemic, resulting in many going bankrupt or closing down. However, many are still up and running. One of the best strategies that these companies did to keep going despite the situation is to help small businesses and big corporations rebuild their corporate and marketing events virtually. Virtual conferences have eight times more registrants than in-person ones, so take advantage of this and provide your services to fellow businesses to help them create flawless virtual events.

Socially Distanced or ‘Hybrid’ Operations

Although the pandemic had some adverse effects on many event businesses, many agencies pivoted their operations and adapted accordingly—providing socially-distanced events or hybrid events. Socially-distanced events are where you allow clients to hold events in your venues but at a specific limit, which is around 10 to 20 max, and encouraging attendees to keep safe distances while on the property.

You can also keep your event business alive by providing hybrid events consisting of both in-person and virtual participants. You can set up live streaming capabilities around the venue to make everyone feel more involved. Additionally, it would be best to offer consulting services to help follow businesses plan their virtual events with ease.

Offer Empowering Campaigns

Many companies compared the current pandemic’s effect on the economy to those of the 2008 economic depression, affecting businesses worldwide. Although dire, a high-end event business decided to keep their clients’ and employees’ spirits up by creating campaigns related to the virus—empowering both providers and customers alike. For instance, you can have custom flower arrangements delivered to your customer’s doorsteps.

However, these programs and campaigns can be anything convenient for you and your customers. These can help boost your business, keep your employees working, and supplement your event planning skills when you start to host in-person events again.

Virtual event businesses have been on the rise as they’re uniquely positioned to capitalize the most on the digital transformation the sector’s going through due to the pandemic. Although there’s no way virtual events will be an acceptable substitute for traditional in-person events, it’s increasingly becoming more acceptable for many.

The pivotal methods event businesses are taking, like those mentioned, keep the industry alive and thriving, ensuring continuous growth and success.

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