The Top Tech Devices to Spruce Up Your Old Car

You do not have to buy the latest model to be able to experience the best technology available today. You can keep your perfectly-functioning old car and giving it upgrades that will not only look cool, but keep you safe on the road.

Here are a few devices you can add to your existing vehicle to make it a bit more modern:

A Navigation System

There are several benefits to adding a dedicated navigation system to your car, most important of which is it does not require data. You can get a navigation system installed in Provo, Utah and have the freedom to go wherever you want to go without relying on Waze or Google Maps to get you there. After all, data plans can be expensive and you are better off using it to communicate with the people you love.

Your navigation system will serve as your “co-pilot” on the road. It will never be interrupted when you have an incoming call or text nor will it require charging every after a few hours of constant use. While there are several options available in the market today, you should still know what’s best for your car.

Dash Cam

dash camA dashcam is easy to install. It does one job: record everything that happens inside and outside your vehicle continuously. Your dashcam footage can be used as evidence in case of an accident or when you report undisciplined drivers to the right authorities.

For worried parents, a dash cam can be a way to make your child safe on the road. There are also dash cams that have additional features such as remote access to the camera feed from anywhere or emergency notification.

Bluetooth Adapter

CDs and cassette tapes are things of the past, but you can still enjoy listening to music during your road trip with a Bluetooth adapter. There are Bluetooth adapters that plug directly into your car’s AUX input, allowing to play music directly from a USB or your smartphone.

Air Purifier

Since the 80s, cars have had cabin air filtration. Over time, however, even with a cabin air filtration system in place, your car would smell and get all kinds of unpleasant odors. A portable air purifier can keep your vehicle smelling fresh all the time. There are also air purifiers that can tell you the quality of the air you breathe, so you can always be assured that you are safe inside your vehicle.

Diagnostics Adapter

Stick an auto diagnostic adapter under your dashboard and let big data do the work. Your diagnostics adapter will be able to automatically collect information about your vehicle and send them all to a smartphone app. You can monitor the health of your vehicle without manually inspecting every part or, worse, getting into an accident.

Key Tracker

A simple way to upgrade your car is to purchase a tracker for your keys. If you are the type to always forget where you dropped your keys, this battery-powered device can connect to your smartphone and tell you exactly where to find it.

A car is a huge investment and, sometimes, it gets tempting to desire newer models that offer the latest tech. These devices prove that you can continue to use and enjoy the vehicle you are driving now for years to come.

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