Steps to Making Your Product Packaging Stand Out

Everyone knows the old saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. It is wise to adhere to its message, but there are times when even the wisest sayings could be inaccurate. One particular scenario is when you are trying to sell a product.

Despite how beautiful, interesting or innovative your product is, if you are going to put it inside a dirty or dull package, you will find it difficult to sell your item. Aside from getting beautiful product labels in NZ, you should put some effort into making your packaging as unique and eye-catching as you can.

Design it for your target customers

Before you start sprucing up your packaging, you have to think first to whom you are selling your items. Think carefully what your target customers want and there, you will find it easier to design your package.

If your customers are millennials, for example, you must take into consideration that this generation of people prefers instant gratification. Ensure that your packaging has all the information they need about the product and no extra images that do not serve any purpose. Think of minimalist designs with a dash of infographics.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Nice pullout packaging

Keep your packaging simple by not overloading it with too many images or colours. If you keep it simple, customers will have an easier time remembering your logo or your design, which could motivate them to go back and buy some more of your product.

Create an emotional connection

Think hard on your product and visualize whom you are making this product for. When you have come up with a person in mind, try to think why he or she would want or even need your product. When you have done that, think about the emotional link between your product and that person.

Come up with an image that symbolizes that. When you are done coming up with an image, you should use that on your packaging.

Go green

Designing your packaging to be eco-friendly will not only be good for the environment but it will also attract a lot of customers since many people these days are more concerned of cleaning up the planet.

It also tells your customers that you are just as concerned as they are about the environment. This will work to your advantage because more and more people are supporting companies and organisations that advocate for protecting the environment.

Ask a five-year-old to check your packaging

An experiment was conducted before to measure the recall of toddlers on certain packages. Kids aged 5 were given images used in product packages and asked if they could identify those images in grocery aisles. Product images such as the moustached man in Pringles were easy to identify for those toddlers, and you should take note of this.

If the image or logo you come up with for your packaging can be easily identified by a five-year-old, you stand a chance of standing out among all the other products in a grocery or department store.

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