Smash that Subscribe Button: Why You Should Check Out Safiya Nygaard

Online video-sharing platform YouTube has significantly changed how anyone creates and consumes content. It has leveled the entertainment playing field, giving the tools and access to produce videos and other media to regular people. Statistics portal Statista reported that as of May 2019, more than 500 hours of videos get uploaded to YouTube every minute, and one billion hours are being watched every day.

With so much content available, it is only natural to think creators would run out of ideas anytime soon. Videos of makeup reviews, unboxings, pet pranks, and let’s plays are a dime a dozen in the platform. There’s a niche for all kinds of preferences from a tour of restaurants with beautiful epoxy floor coatings to off-road adventuring.

However, popular YouTube creators prove their expertise in differentiating themselves from the saturated market. One such personality is Safiya Nygaard, who has over a billion views and nine million subscribers to her channel. She is one of the most regarded beauty and fashion vloggers because her content goes beyond makeup tutorials. Her videos are insightful, hilarious, and wacky as she tries out traditional wedding dresses, buys and reviews products suggested by social media algorithms, and even wears a hairy chest swimsuit to see people’s reactions.

Here are other reasons she deserves her high ratings.

She makes franken-beauty products.

Ever wondered what shade would come out if you mix all of your lipsticks? How about your foundation or eyeshadow palette? You can wonder no more as Safiya tries to mix, melt, and mold all colors and brands of beauty products to see which color and scent reign supreme. But her habit of doing bad makeup science experiments are not limited to beauty products. She also tried melting every candle sold by Bath & Bodyworks and creating a massive bath bomb made from the inventory of Lush. You’ll watch in fascination as she tries to build her own Frankenstein’s monster.

She wears questionable fashion items for science.

While most of the population tries to avoid wearing weird clothing (unless you’re a model in the Paris Fashion Week), Safiya is unafraid to wear thigh-high Uggs, a 9-foot-long Extendo Jeans, and platform Crocs to challenge people’s perceptions of ugly fashion. Sometimes she would get interesting reactions from the streets of Los Angeles, but so far, the fashion police haven’t stopped her yet.

She loves dressing up and dropping trivia.

Safiya’s theater kid background is best seen in her segment, Fashion Throughout the Decades, as she tries to recreate the looks that were popular in the past. She got a 1950s makeover, dressed like a Bratz doll from the 2000s, and sported polyester pantsuits in typical 1977 fashion. You can also see the amount of research that goes into the videos as she explains the origins of the looks and why it was popular in that specific era.

She and Tyler are #CoupleGoals

Long-time fans of Safiya are also aware of her partner in crime/husband, Tyler. He is usually found behind the camera with him giving side comments in the videos. But when he appears on the screen, the couple’s love and support for each other are hard to miss, especially when Safiya dons on couple costumes. Tyler would brave the summer heat in thick jackets and shirts for his lady love. The couple also tied the knot last 2019 behind a beautiful rustic scenery and light-up stars.

Safiya Nygaard’s YouTube career shows no sign of stopping as she keeps releasing content that’s both refreshing and informative. You’ll find yourself clicking that subscribe button even if you don’t typically follow beauty and fashion creators.

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