Simple Steps to Make Caregiving for Your Elderly At Home Easy — Even If You Have No Help

As the Salt Lake City population ages, younger generations now find themselves switching places with the people who raised them. The task of taking care of their aging or disabled loved ones at home, however, is often left to one person alone. This poses various challenges for the primary caregiver.

But with the proper equipment and a few upgrades like adding lift recliners to your home in Salt Lake City, Utah, your daily tasks as a primary caregiver can be easier and more convenient.

A Nursing Home is No Longer Your Only Option

Over time, our aging loved ones lose mobility. This puts them at risk of accidents, especially when they are left alone at home. You might think this is a good reason to ask them to consider living in a nursing home. But here’s the good news: with today’s recent advances in mobility equipment, your elderly loved one can retain their independence and keep on doing their daily activities with minimal assistance.

Simple Equipment Options Make All the Difference

For someone with stiff, painful joints, an electric lift recliner will help with the painful and dreaded task of moving from standing to sitting positions. The lift recliner looks like any standard recliner but gently and safely lowers or raises the user from standing to sitting position (or vice versa) with the touch of a button. Walking with a walker or cane also adds stability and safety for moving around the home.

Personal hygiene like bathing or showering isn’t only difficult but also a safety hazard to someone with limited mobility. Some bars and grips can be installed easily with suction or attached permanently to the shower and tub enclosure, so your loved one has something to hold on to when entering or leaving the tub or shower. If the sides of the bathtub are too high to step over, the tub walls can be modified with a cut-out, or you can replace the tub with a walk-in tub or wheelchair-accessible shower. There are many companies out there that specialize in such installations, and the job can often be done in one day.

For those loved ones who can no longer leave the bed on their own, a patient hoist makes it simple for you to lift them from the bed to a wheelchair. The equipment is also useful when they need to move from the wheelchair to a toilet shower, tub, or car.

Also, hospital beds or adjustable beds are a great convenience and help keep your loved one comfortable and safe. These beds come with side rails and the capability to raise the user’s head and feet to different positions, so they can be comfortable eating, sleeping, watching television, reading, or entertaining visitors.

Old people gathered together

There are Resources to Help You with the Expenses

Renting or buying the needed equipment can add financial stress to the family. The good news is that there are many organizations available to help you with such expenses.

If your loved one or their spouse is a veteran, you can contact the Veteran’s Administration to ask about Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits. You may be eligible for monthly monetary benefits.

Many organizations loan the equipment needed to keep your aging loved one at home. The Society for Disabilities’ medical loan closet lets you borrow wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers, bedside commodes, patient hoists, and all sorts of equipment at often no fee or a small deposit with no monthly fee. Your local senior center should also have a list of resources available in your area.

It’s All Worth the Effort

With some patience, time, and understanding, as well as the proper equipment and home upgrades, you and your aging loved one will find it more convenient to get on with your daily lives. It will be easier to create more memories that will be priceless treasures for you both.

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