Random Realizations and Revelations About Personal Style While Stuck at Home

While we’re all stuck at home during this lockdown season, a lot of us have had time to take things slow and take stock at the things we have — our values, our accomplishments, what we deem important, and other thoughts about life. We then start to realize how a lot of us put too much emphasis on our looks and style.

6 Random Realizations About Personal Style While in Isolation

While being presentable before people, we also realize that this is not the be-all and end-all of our existence. Sure, we miss suiting up in men’s shooting clothing or gearing up for a ball game with our jerseys and Jordans, but all this time spent in quarantine got us thinking about our preferences for style and fashion.

Slippers are the new “man’s best friend”

While we used to be conscious about the brand or the style of the shoes we wear, we have never expected to get to the point that we will learn to love our home slippers more than we love our Kenneth Coles, Timbalands, and Jordans.

What’s not to love about them? They give our feet a sense of freedom unlike any shoe can offer. Birkenstocks and Crocs are now the go-to footwear of any man during this lockdown. On a side note, Crocs may not be much to look at but they sure are comfy!

Suits are overrated

Whoever said a well-tailored three-piece suit is as comfortable as sweats must be out of his mind. Nothing, we repeat — nothing — is more comfortable than sweat pants and a hoodie, especially if you’re just lounging at home watching Netflix and enjoying a bottle of beer on a sunny spring afternoon. Of course, PJs are the ultimate in comfort but that’s another topic for another day.

Most men realize that it’s cool to have facial hair

It is only now that we realized that our faces are canvases for us to paint with whatever look we want to. Different facial hairstyles can instantly give a man a new look.

We can give ourselves a clean-cut boy-next-door look just by giving our mugs a smooth shave. We can look a bit rugged by letting our facial hair at stubble-level growth. A full goatee, a Van Dyke, a full beard, there are tons of options.

We still need our hair cut

One of the things we have taken for granted pre-lockdown season is taking a trip to our friendly-neighborhood barber. One, the grunge look is so mid-90s. Two, birds start nesting in our hair every time we set foot outside the house.

No matter how you look at it, a regular haircut is important to us men. It makes us feel clean and gives us some sort of renewed energy, sort of like we’re an entirely different person once we get off that barber’s chair.

From now on, whatever we buy, we will use it

Who among you like buying premium items only to save them for future use? Like that new silk tie you bought with a special occasion in mind. Now that you’re stuck at home, that tie pretty much lost its reason for existence — unless you occasionally dress up at home.

We realized that as soon as we step out of the house and it’s no longer illegal to walk around the neighborhood, we will wear that three-year-old tux that has never seen the light of day!

It’s fun to get dressed up for nothing

To make things interesting, some of us must have put on our best dress pants, sharpest shirt, that new silk tie, a nice tailored suit, and newly polished shoes just to eat breakfast with the wife. She probably choked on her pop tarts but, hey, it was a lot of fun getting our swagger on at home.

Clothes and hygiene are an important part of our lives. They play their role in our integration into society. But as George Michael once said, “sometimes the clothes do not make the man.”

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