Morbid Obesity: How Afflicted People Should Be Cared For

There are many reasons for someone to be morbidly obese. But a common thread among them is that they are excuses that were reinforced by other excuses to try to stay healthy. Whether it is an eating disorder, an injury, or inaccessibility to healthier food alternatives, they will always have something to say about why they cannot keep up with their body.

However, when they are categorized as morbidly obese, it can become a wake-up call. They must no longer be content with the situation they are in. Those individuals who are at great risk for heart disease and diabetes must take immediate action in changing their lives for the better if they want to continue living. It may sound like an exaggeration, but it is the reality for tens of millions.

A Caretaker

For the morbidly obese who can no longer function on their own, they need to look into home health services. These are people that experience extreme difficulty in simple day-to-day actions such as standing up and sitting down. Their weight has become too heavy for them to lift any of their limbs, causing them to struggle with any movement.

Therefore, it is important for these individuals that they seek the help of caretakers. Being unable to move one’s limbs makes it impossible to thoroughly clean oneself. This leads to pressure sores, rashes, and many other skin problems. As a result, they feel itchy, and the other underlying issues will lead to open wounds that can be an entry point for infections to occur.

Furthermore, another concern for the morbidly obese living alone is that in the instance that they fall, they need someone to help them up. Whether they become injured from slipping or not, they will face challenges in bringing themselves to stand up. They need assistance until they can finally be healthy enough to take care of themselves.

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Oxygen Tanks

Due to the high-fat content in their blood, the oxygen might not reach the rest of the body fast enough. The fat tends to block the flow of blood in the body, causing pressure build-up in some areas and deficiency in other areas. Lack of blood in particular parts of the body will lead to discoloration and possibly amputation when it gets worse.

This is why oxygen tanks are essential for the morbidly obese trying to stay alive. They need the additional input of oxygen through an alternative pathway — their windpipe. The direct input of the gas will be immediately transferred to their lungs, allowing them to sustain their breathing.

Another reason they need a caretaker is that they need a fit individual to remove the empty oxygen tank, get a refill, and reattach the morbidly obese patient to the system. This is incredibly challenging for those with no strength in moving heavy objects such as an oxygen tank. Therefore, those with limited mobilization must seek the help of a professional to ensure that they have a chance at breathing.

Minimal Exercise

Even though they face difficulty in moving around, they need to try their best to get a bit of exercise in their day. Fortunately, they can do without weights for a while. Simple stretches and short periods of a workout can already be taxing activities for them. The important thing is that they keep moving and work toward mobilizing their body on their own.

Eventually, they will be able to shed some pounds fairly quickly with constant movement. There are guides on the internet on simple mobilization techniques that morbidly obese individuals can try. When these people can finally move, they should try to get off the bed on their own and practice other forms of exercise that can keep their heart rate up.

Still, this should be conducted with great precaution. The individual performing the activity might have trouble breathing, possibly leading to vomiting and cardiac arrest. Exercising in the presence of a trained professional will be a safer way to go about the necessary activity for recovery. Despite the risks, the morbidly obese must work toward independence and a healthier lifestyle.

Without proper diet and exercise, a morbidly obese individual will unlikely live a long time without any complications. Due to the limited blood circulation, their organs have a high chance of failing. But they should not feel hopeless. As long as they stop making excuses for their weight gain and eating habits, they should recover in a few years. It’s important that they accept their situation to better understand and address it.

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