Prepare for a Better Future With These Tech Stock Investments

The past decade has seen a rise in the number of technology companies. As 2020 progresses, we are seeing the trend continuing as tech stays strong despite all the challenges on the market. This makes it an ideal time to start investing in technology, with an entire decade ahead.

If you have the funds, here are some tech stocks that you should be buying:


If there is any sure bet right now, it is Microsoft. One of the giants of tech’s early years, it is still a massive juggernaut. Windows is still the backbone of the modern computing age and people will be buying it for a long time to come. It is not sitting on its laurels though. Microsoft has also taken steps to diversify and you can find its investments in tablets, the cloud, and more. If you want to invest in a safe tech stock that is sure to deliver for years to come, Microsoft is the ideal choice.


As people are moving to buy online for their needs, Shopify is only going to become stronger. The company’s main offering is a way for merchants to start selling online through a simple platform. It sounds simple but you need a product that will be able to accommodate a variety of customers.

Shopify is exactly that and it beat Amazon in controlling the entire market. Right now, Shopify stock is pretty expensive. But it is worth it since it is the primary online merchant platform. You can only expect it to become more expensive as it gets more customers. Buy the stock now and see it grow.


Space is the final frontier and it is also a very big moneymaker. Launching satellites alone can bring millions, with additional money coming in as the market further opens up. You will want to be there on the ground floor. One of the space exploration companies to invest in is SpaceX. It has already achieved quite a bit. The company has cut down the costs of a launch to just $50 million, which is a big improvement in costs. They did this by making it possible to reuse rockets for each flight. Other companies are trying to catch up to their lead though, but SpaceX has a comfortable lead. This ensures its stock position.



People love to play games and this means they want great graphics. This is where Nvidia comes in. Best known for its graphics cards, the company is pushing the limits of graphics technology. As long as people want to see great graphics in their games, you can expect Nvidia stock to perform well.

But it isn’t only graphics where Nvidia is pushing the envelope. It has been putting money into AI research and it is currently in the lead. You can be sure that this research will only benefit the company in the future as autonomous cars and automation increase.

Stocks are always risky, but there are ways to lower the chance of losses. Investing in technology is one such method since our modern society depends greatly on technology. There is still a risk, so you need to be smart about which stocks to invest in.

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