Practical Ways for Keeping Your Apartment Clean

It’s hard to live in a filthy apartment. Not only does this situation lead to disputes between housemates, but it can also be the cause of health hazards and a generally negative feeling amidst the mess, clutter, and grime. It may sometimes feel like it’s hard to keep up when things keep cropping up and you always have to clean something. Here are some pointers that can help you stay on top of things and have a space that is spick and span.

  • Buy several cleaning rags

Having rags at the ready can be handy. It’s not necessarily the best practice to reuse them, especially if you’ve used them for particularly dirty surfaces or for specific tasks like rust removal, painting, or handling particular oils and chemicals.

Although it’s possible to sanitize your rags if the need arises for additional usage, this runs the risk of contamination and spreading dirt around. That is counterproductive and can pose bacteria-induced issues that may not be visibly obvious when you are using the rags. Purchasing cleaning rags in bulk can end up a cheaper investment that can serve you in the long run, especially if you plan on taking on a DIY project or making some home improvement. This can also be true if you are simply particular with how regular and deep your apartment cleaning goes.

Woman wearing apron and gloves while holding a broom

  • Keep a check on those vents

Vents often end up building up dust, pollen, grime, and even mildew when left unmaintained. Even though they are pretty crucial in the set-up of a home for airflow, ventilation, and even insulation, many people overlook them when they clean because they are essentially out of sight and mind.

Doing this can spell trouble and be to blame for a lot of discomforts that you may not be able to pinpoint. Cleaning out your vents is beneficial for both your heating and cooling, and you’ll find that it results in less dust and a longer time before it starts to build up. Different ductwork can be cleaned up yourself with simply a toilet brush, a clean filter, and a screwdriver.

  • Establish a clutter guideline

Setting up some key rules around the house can help people stay more aware of how they keep things, where they place items, and what they need to discard. To avoid the unnecessary mess of things that can quickly accumulate in limited space, start listing down items all members of the household would consider clutter. From there, figure out which things should be immediately thrown and which should be moved.

It’s essential to have a do’s and don’ts list that everyone can adhere to, and keeping visual reminders does help to keep everyone in line. Even if it’s not a written reminder, a psychological study conducted by Harvard University and The Wharton School revealed that visual cues could effectively serve as reminders for people if it allowed them to associate specific actions with these cues.

By incorporating these into your home upkeep, it may help your routine be even a little more manageable. You don’t have to worry too much about keeping your humble abode clean.

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