Part-Time Hustle: Side Jobs You Can Do Over the Weekend

Anyone would want to earn more than their day job can give them. The popularity of side jobs like ridesharing and food delivery has opened the doors to other part-time opportunities. Getting paid is easier now too. Platforms like PayPal and Cash App allow for seamless transactions for freelancers and employers alike. Take a look at these side hustles that will net you the extra cash you need.

Earn Through Blogging

What’s great about blogging is that everyone can do it, from the seasoned journalist to the individual who just wants to talk about their hobby. It’s a platform to express yourself and even earn money. Over 61% of US consumers online buy products based on blog recommendations. This is why digital marketers see blog content as an important part of every campaign. They need organic and easily understandable content to drive customers to their clients’ websites. Enter the world of sponsored blogging and affiliate marketing.

  • Sponsored Blogging – A sponsored blog post is just like any other content you’d write, except you’re being paid by the brand to publish it. Because of this, you need to tell your readers that the brand backs the blog you posted. There is no standard payment set for sponsored posts, and it largely depends on the agency or company you’re working with.
  • Affiliate Marketing – When writing an affiliate blog, you’re creating a post with “affiliate links” on them. These links lead mostly to store pages of your partner brand. You get paid with every click that those links get. A good way to optimize this is by creating detailed review posts about the brand’s product or service.

Sponsored and/or affiliate blogging will take some time to get used to. You’ll have to practice integrating links and sponsored content to your posts. Once you get the hang of it, however, you’ll be earning well from writing about what you love.

Drive and Deliver

Driving a car at night

It’s been almost ten years since ridesharing services like Grab and Uber became popular. Since then, they’ve expanded their services to include package and food delivery. Companies like Honestbee and Lalamove have also popped up, focusing on just delivery. This is great for people who have a car (or even a motorcycle) but don’t want to interact with customers as much. You can easily sign up and find the requirements to become a driver on their website. You won’t earn as much as rideshare drivers. But hey, if it’s extra money on the weekend, it’s a good deal!

Transcribe from Home

Transcription, like blogging, is something that everyone can do. Most transcription jobs don’t need a degree or certificate. All you need is a stable internet connection, a pair of good earphones or speakers, and fast typing skills. A lot of home-based transcription jobs are in the legal, medical, and financial field. Expect to transcribe or even translate conference calls, videos (for captions), court reports, and more. Some companies require 60 – 70 words per minute from their transcribers. If you’re a master of the keyboard, this job is for you.

Side hustles won’t give you the same amount or stability that full-time careers do. But they do help you pay your bills or save up. Aside from the extra income, you get to practice doing what you love or even learn other skills. There’s little to lose and so much to gain.

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