Overhead Services that Companies Can Outsource

Contracting services to lighten up the load and pressure in your small business is an ideal move for business owners. However, many business owners reject this notion because they believe it is more costly. They fail to see the benefits and the value of the opportunities that they lose because they are putting in more time and effort into services that are best left for others to accomplish

Whether you are running an online store or providing services, your company can take advantage of specialized agencies’ various services. Let us look at some of the administrative tasks that can be contracted or outsourced so that you can allot more time in determining the best moves to increase revenues and grow your business.

Accounting and Financial Services

Accountants, bookkeepers, and finance firms offer services that include accounts payable and receivable, invoicing, bookkeeping, and financial planning, analysis, and reporting. Skilled and experienced professionals will handle these tasks. Thus, the output comes in quickly and is done right the first time. The payroll process can take several hours, along with some headaches, if you are not trained for it.

Taxes and benefits are other accounting processes that should be left in the care of those knowledgeable in it. Consider finding contractors that will offer bundled services for you to make even greater savings. You can find many popular sources of financial professionals, but you have to be extra careful when outsourcing this field. Check for certifying authorities such as the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers to ensure that you are hiring the right people to handle your accounting and finance processes.

Janitorial Services

Many companies today are contracting cleaning and janitorial services from local providers. Doing this is a win-win situation for both the business owner and the cleaning providers. While cleanliness and orderliness build your reputation in the business, the cost of keeping employees to do these tasks should not be a burden on your cash flow.

Once you decide to contract janitorial services, you are elevating the standards of your cleaning solutions. These companies have people who are trained to maintain the highest level of sanitation and cleanliness in the working area. Depending on your type of business, you can discuss the specific requirements with the service provider to provide you with a more thorough service.

Customer Support and Lead Generation

customer service

Calling clients to make sales means that you are making leads and generating revenues. It is all a matter of numbers, and after making the initial outreach with the help of lead generation and customer support team, your company’s internal sales team can close the sales.

A well-trained sales support team should be kept as regulars in your company. Still, for cold-callers, you can readily contract the services out from various international and local firms offering more affordable business solutions. Even top brands are utilizing this option to cut costs and better reach potential customers.

Human Resource and Hiring Services

Finding talent and people to handle various vacancies in the company is another administrative service that an outside agency can do. There are firms offering employee acquisition services from advertising, screening applicants, and checking references. Apart from hiring services, there are also Human Resource firms that manage employee benefits. These agencies are updated on the latest standard, requirements, and laws about employment.

Your company can save money, time, and resources when the hiring process is taken off your staff’s responsibilities and delegated to a human resource service.

Administrative Functions

Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs working from home offices explore the advantages of contracting virtual assistants to help them out with various administrative functions. These assistants can take on tasks such as inbox management, scheduled social media updates, content creation, etc. It is one of the most affordable services to contract. Some service providers charge as little as $10 per hour, but more skilled Virtual Assistants can charge as much as $75 per hour depending on their specialty and talents.


Small business owners are often on guard when presented with a product or services that come at an additional expense. But they often miss the potential benefits of these products and services for their business.

Contracting small areas of the company does not mean that the business is not doing well or will only be a waste of money. Always look at the bigger picture and focus on growing your business instead. Lesser issues on hiring, cold calling, accounting, and janitorial services mean that you have more time to spare for generating sales.

However, the best way to find high-quality contracting prospects is via recommendations from your network. Ask for referrals from your colleagues, friends, or family. Your network can provide a reliable measure of the standard of services or skills provided by a company.

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