No Degree, No Problem: How to Succeed without a Diploma

Many are of the opinion that educated people have better lives. After all, a bachelor’s degree opens doors of opportunity for those who spent their time earning one. People say that those who received higher education hold better positions and bigger paychecks.

While this is true for many people, this does not mean that those who didn’t earn a degree are subject to a miserable life filled with misfortunes.

Time and again, those who withdrew from their studies have proven that it’s possible for non-degree holders to succeed in life. It just takes some smart choices, one of which is the career path to pursue.

Here are ways to make a living and become successful even without a degree:

Specialize in a Subject Matter

Oftentimes, people drop out of university because they feel like their time is better spent pursuing other things. Some people spend months, if not years, trying out different jobs and amassing different skill sets. However, it’s never good to be a jack of all trades, master of none.

It’s advisable for individuals to focus on a specific industry instead of having a finger in multiple pies. This frees up time that can be used to build up a foundation of knowledge, something to continue piling onto in years to come.

Subject matter experts or SMEs prove that having a specialty can do a person good. They are approached by companies and firms because of their wealth of knowledge in matters like the law or technology. With their expertise, they can impart wisdom on people who are not as adept at the subject as they are.

Open a Business

flower business

According to SCORE, a leading organization for business mentoring, most entrepreneurs don’t hold business degrees, but this hasn’t stopped them from working to be successful.

What can hinder most aspiring businessmen is the lack of grit, tenacity, and creativity — not to mention the lack of funding for startup costs.

Fortunately, there are numerous avenues to take up to solve such problems. As mentioned, there are organizations dedicated to instructing individuals about what it takes to set up shop and get established, and how to start a franchise business later on. This is done through mentorship, seminars, and classes that cover business administration and finance. They also help small business owners grow and expand to new markets.

As for funding, there are commercial and business loans to consider. It should be noted, however, that credit score is always checked for this kind of matter. So, it’s best to make good financial decisions throughout one’s career.


A person doesn’t need a degree in literature or creative writing to become a writer. What they need is knowledge and good communication skills, the foundation of writing.

This is why it’s easy for one to become a writer these days given the fact we’ve learned how to write all throughout primary and secondary school. Also, the internet is widely accessible for all. A writer has plenty of options to choose from. Some become bloggers and keep writing until they’ve amassed a following, and subsequently, ads on their site. Others apply for copywriting jobs or even contribute to sites that welcome independent writers.

Unlike SMEs, freelance writers are encouraged to specialize in different matters since it gives them the opportunity to write for different industries.


In a way, life is a game, and those who want to win have to keep working to achieve their goals. Degree or not, everyone has the opportunity to make it big. It just takes perseverance and a dream.

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