Marketing: Key Groups You Should Not Neglect

Life sure has gone the high-tech route for the past few decades. You probably never thought you would see communication going from a trunk line to video calling within one lifetime. Technology is moving at a rate that is so fast you would not be surprised what innovators would come up with soon. No matter how silly or advanced it is, you will still be in awe at the sight of a new product reveal. Of course, the hype is part of a marketing strategy, but people today are smart to decipher good products from the bad ones.

Large companies can afford all that bombast and spectacle of the biggest product launches, but what about those who prefer to be more strategic or frugal on marketing? This is where a chief marketing officer comes in. Someone who understands the market can help you formulate cost-effective ways to target it.

If your company needs someone like that, you can check out those who offer professional CMO services online. With such services, collaboration can happen anywhere as you can work with each other remotely. They have the tools and technology to help you strategize and execute the right marketing plans for your brand.

Also, the internet has opened up the world, and it has allowed people from all walks of life to interact with each other. Naturally, this opens a few new doors for marketing. The cyberspace does have a broad audience, but marketing in this arena is still all about knowing who your targets are, and you should not forget these key groups:

The TV Audience

These days, many people may be glued to their computer monitors or smartphone screens, but you cannot deny that there is still a large portion of the population out there whose eyes are fixated on their TV sets. There may be more households that have internet connection now, but TV is still the most accessible in terms of media consumption. All you need is electricity and an area with good reception, and you are good to go. That is an unbeatable proposition when you factor in the monthly subscription needed to connect you to the world wide web. You still have a good chunk of the older non-tech savvy crowd with purchasing power to capture in this TV-watching group.

Social Media Crowd


It is our natural instinct to fit in, and the proliferation of social media best exemplifies it. This is the place where sharing personal interests is the norm and where new trends are born. The age demographic in social media is pretty wide. You can gain attention from young teens up to the grandparents. Strong word of mouth could take you places. If you play your cards right, you can make a product a viral sensation on social media.

The Budget-Conscious

Wherever you may be, whether it is cyberspace or out there in the physical world, there are always people who want to save a few bucks. There is strength in numbers, and admittedly, those who can afford the finer things in life only make up a small percentage of the population. Be sure to target bargain shoppers as you can attract them with price matching and comparisons. If you can prove that you offer a more valuable product, you could easily win a customer.

The world may advance further in terms of technology, and marketing tactics will just continue to move along with it. Still, knowing who your customers are will always be essential for a business to be successful.

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