Know the Difference Between Independent and Assisted Living Community

Many people look forward to a relaxing retirement after decades of dedicated hard work. Fortunately, the number of senior-friendly facilities being established every year increases, each offering different types of services and assistance to seniors. Indeed, there are an ever-increasing number of retirement communities and nursing homes in Ogden.

According to reports, independent living facilities and retirement homes are the most common destination for newly retired seniors. Others choose assisted living facilities so they could have someone to look after them. As a newly retired senior, how would you choose to enjoy life after decades of work?

Independent Living

Did you know that you can become a resident of an independent living community even when you’re only 55? For those who have limited finances, independent living is the most affordable option that you should consider. In fact, you can even get it with subsidy via the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

For those willing to spend a bit, there are different units available: single-family, duplex, mobile home, townhouse, or even a condo! And with an additional monthly fee, you can even get services like regular unit maintenance, membership to recreational facilities centers, and other amenities.

Some who are still healthy now consider applying for CCRCs, short for continuing care retirement communities. And as the name implies, it’s a one-stop facility for continuing aging care needs. So it’s like getting both assisted living and skilled nursing care services within the confines of an independent living community as you get older, while still maintaining your independence.

Keeping up with the environment could prove to be a challenge now that you’re not as flexible and energetic as you used to be. Moving to an independent living community could be your way to enjoy life after retiring – less stress, fewer worries.

Assisted Living

old woman being assisted by a nurseAssisted living communities are designed to address personal care and health-related needs. If you can no longer keep up with your normal daily routines, moving to an assisted living facility would be a great option. In fact, this is the first option chosen by seniors who no longer have loved ones or who already have existing conditions and need someone to look after them.

Depending on your needs, it may include three meals a day, shopping, housekeeping, and laundry. Then there’s assistance in monitoring your medication, buying your medication, accompanying you to doctor’s appointment, or even helping you bathe and get dressed. Of course, there is a 24-hour emergency medical standby. More importantly, most communities promote social activities that have different recreational amenities.

Just like with independent living communities, there are a number of options for residents to choose from when it comes to housing. The cheapest option is co-sleeping, or sharing a room with another resident. The monthly fee increases, should you decide to get an individual room. For those who cannot part ways with things of importance, getting an entire apartment is an option.

Before deciding which assisted living community to choose, make sure to consider all the services and facilities included. And because this option is more expensive, you may want to consider looking for available assistance programs to help you cover the cost. Ultimately, the goal is still to make you feel more comfortable, relaxed, and in some aspects, independent.

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