Is Your Business Prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming, and many sectors are improving their technologies. Although many are still unsure about the revolution’s impact on manufacturing, warehouse jobs and other on-site jobs, the world is optimistic about the positive changes  it could bring the manufacturing industry.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is expected to make business activities more sustainable and perhaps cut production costs. So don’t wait for the competition to implements the innovative changes first, and start thinking about what your company can apply today.

Know where to invest.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the Fourth Industrial Revolution, increasing interconnectivity and the advancement of technology. It has also pushed people to work remotely. Both effects are at the core point of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With this changes in mind, here are the crucial sectors for your company’s investment:


Investment in internet connectivity, especially 4G and 5G, is essential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The increase of internet users because of the pandemic proves the necessity to invest in 4G and 5G. The World Economy Forum highlighted the spike in internet usage last year, mainly in these activities: a 490 percent increase in healthcare, a 75 percent increase in socialization and 74 percent in online transactions.

Have an established investment in connectivity for your company. It is to ensure that your company can cope with the rapid change of the world’s need.

Technology Upgrade

Technology upgrade doesn’t only mean having the fastest processor in your computer (although it is necessary). It means to equip your company with other devices. In particular, to support remote working conditions depending on the sector of your company.

If you run a manufacturing company, start investing in Human-machine Interface (HMI). The technology enables employees to interact with intelligent equipment remotely and allows users to access equipment information in real time. But this technology comes with limitations. It is because not all of the equipment can be controlled remotely by this technology. Hence, its capability to help industrial workers needs more development.

Aside from HMI, there are more universal technologies for every business. Those technologies are known as the digital twin, or AR and VR.

The development of that technology will be helpful for industrial workers. But AR and VR can be useful for other sectors as well. VR can provide the user with a simulated environment. It increases the user’s awareness of a situation. With a perfect combination, you can use VR for many purposes: the simulation of your product, new employees’ training (by giving them the simulated work environment) and even marketing.

The same goes for AR. But compared to VR, AR is more accessible. AR will bring the products to you. If you remember Pokemon Go, it is a game that involves AR. Just like VR, your company can use AR for marketing purposes.

employees working

Arm your company with the necessary skills.

With the increase in connectivity and technology development, you have to prepare the essential part of your company, which is your employee. Society’s restlessness upon the Fourth Industrial Revolution involves the thought of massive unemployment. The unprepared and under-skilled employees are irrelevant for the upcoming development.

But it is still not too late to train your employee for these skills.

  • Ability to work with data: this skill is required because, in the 4th industrial development, the workers will face the rapid movement of information and data. It is because of the increase in connectivity. It means you have to train your employees to process and analyze data obtained from machines. The employees should be able to understand basic statistics and understand visual data output.
  • ICT literary: this skill involves more than the ability to use Microsoft offices. With the advancement of technology, employees have to learn how to use and interact with computers and smart machines like robots, tablets, etc. Upgrade their skill to understand machine to machine communication, IT security & data protection. There will be an increase in demand for technical skills. Prepare your employees before it is too late.

Most of the comments about the Fourth Industrial Revolution challenge are related to the blue collars’ future and how it will drive massive unemployment. Little do they know it is not too late for the workforce to learn a new skill, including the blue collars.

When an old opportunity closes, new ones open. There are many possible skills for people to explore themselves and prepare themselves to adapt to the change.

Prepare your company with the necessary equipment and support employees to gain more skills. The sooner you upgrade your company, the better.

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