red carpet

Celebrity Investors and Their Most Popular Investments

Investing can be a risky but lucrative game to play, and everyone can try it, even celebrities with frantic schedules. Although tabloids love running stories about unlucky stars making wrong decisions that ran through their savings, many other celebrities have made smart money decisions that resulted in hefty bank accounts. But before following the footsteps of your favorite celebrity investor, …

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Silver watch

Is Silver a Good Investment Today?

Wading through Quora discussions recently, one concern stood out: Will silver be a good investment this year? The matter is valid, amidst speculations of a dollar crash. Investors are exploring their options in this pandemic. Let’s look at the potential of this precious metal. How does silver perform historically? Just for context, here’s a brief comparison of gold and silver. Both …

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stock investment

Prepare for a Better Future With These Tech Stock Investments

The past decade has seen a rise in the number of technology companies. As 2020 progresses, we are seeing the trend continuing as tech stays strong despite all the challenges on the market. This makes it an ideal time to start investing in technology, with an entire decade ahead. If you have the funds, here are some tech stocks that …

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Growing your money

Investing During a Pandemic: Is it a Wise Move?

We live in unprecedented times and are treading through unknown territory as the threat of COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the globe. The coronavirus pandemic has sent the world’s economies in a downward spiral. Stock markets have been upended. Businesses have ceased operations. Factories and plants are shut down. Under normal circumstances, instinct would tell us that now is …

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old couple retiring

10 Years to Retirement? 4 Worthwhile Investments to Consider

Ten years might seem too long to plan your retirement — but recent issues in Social Security can make ten years too short. The financial reserves of Social Security may be in trouble by the year 2035. It’s best not to rely solely on benefits when you retire. As early as now, consider these investments that can boost your retirement …

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set of jewelry

Encashing an Investment: Selling Your Jewelry

Jewelry is good to look at. If you are a big fan of processes and origins, you may have been interested in how these precious items came to be. They all started from the ground — miles deeper, even so. The labor and hard work of miners, the arts and craft of artisans, and the aesthetics of marketers — all …

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personal investment

Investment Facts I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

As a child, I had a vague notion that to be wealthy, I should become an investor. I’d hear this word, along with others like stocks, bonds, and funds, in television, movies, and overheard conversations between adults. I knew early on that investments are important for financial security. What I didn’t know was when, where, and how to start. Among …

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