Investing in Cleanliness: Why It’s Worth It

Cleanliness is an essential practice that includes personal and public hygiene. It refers to the absence of dirt, garbage, foul odor, stains, dust, and other elements that make the body and the environment dirty or unclean. The term is often used hand-in-hand with sanitation and hygiene to keep the environment and ourselves healthy.

Cleanliness is always discussed concerning health; indeed, we maintain sanitation and hygiene to keep ourselves away from diseases. But we can also discuss cleanliness in relation to different sectors such as the hospitality, foodservice, and education industries. Therefore, entrepreneurs can look at cleanliness as a way to earn profit.

Different Aspects of Cleanliness

As mentioned above, cleanliness is vital for various reasons, including health, safety, and profitability; cleanliness must be observed through personal hygiene and in almost every aspect of our daily living.

For Health

It is a well-known fact that keeping our bodies clean makes us healthy and keeps us away from diseases. As simple an act as handwashing can eliminate harmful germs and bacteria even pre-pandemic period. At the same time, keeping the surroundings clean is a way to remove contaminants that may cause illnesses. This must be observed not only at home but also at the workplace.

For Safety

Keeping the surroundings free and clean of garbage can be crucial in people’s safety. In aviation, for instance, as small as a cap of a water bottle, when left at the aircraft door, can damage the door and cause a catastrophic incident. A banana peel left on the floor at home may cause slip and possible injury to a person stepping on it.

For Investment

In the hospitality industry, clean rooms attract customers. Therefore, hotel, apartment, and Airbnb owners invest in cleaning programs and efficient staff members to keep their properties neat for incoming guests.

For people and businesses selling properties, cleanliness attracts buyers, too. It gives potential buyers the impression that a property is well-maintained and well taken care of.

For Peace of Mind

The National Center for Biotechnology Information discusses the psychological and social impact of cleanliness. It states that psychologically, people associate dirt with disgust and disorder. When dirt is in a place where it is not supposed to be, it causes humans discomfort and stress; removing dirt, therefore, restores the order in a human’s mind and removes the feelings of discomfort and disgust.

Businesses Involving Cleanliness

Because cleanliness is such an essential part of life, it is only natural for businesses to take this opportunity and focus on the business of cleanliness. As it involves different aspects of life, businesses can also choose to focus on these various aspects, such as personal hygiene or those focusing on making properties clean.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene involves the entire body, and each part of the body needs different products. Since your face is more sensitive than your body, you must have a special facial wash and a separate body wash for skincare. Aside from these, the most common and essential hygiene products that everybody should have are deodorants, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and shampoos.

Deodorants are needed to keep the body free from body odor. Body odor occurs when a person perspires, and bacteria reacts with perspiration. Deodorants and antiperspirants block or reduce a person’s sweating to avoid such occurrences.

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and gargle are needed to prevent odor from the mouth. A foul smell comes from bacteria trapped inside the mouth. Also, regularly brushing and cleaning the teeth and mouth are essential to prevent plaque build-ups; plaque irritates the gums and eventually fills the pockets between a person’s teeth.

Like food, these personal hygiene products are essential; a business focusing on these products will have regular customers and earn profit.

Cleaning Services

cleaning service

More and more people are employing cleaning services for various reasons. It’s not only businesses that are hiring them; it’s homeowners, too.

Some people prefer hiring cleaning services to save valuable time. Most people consider time as money, and taking time to clean the house is like losing precious time spent working and earning more. Therefore, these people consider cleaning services a wise investment.

NBC News also reported that people who hire house cleaning services are happier and healthier. As discussed earlier, a disorganized and unclean home can leave a person feeling uncomfortable. However, as most people are self-employed and busy, they have to choose between cleaning or working.

Hiring cleaning services has helped these people a lot; from feeling guilty about not cleaning the house because of work, they can now work happily and stress-free in a clean, organized home.

Final Thoughts

Overall, businesses are not only taking the opportunity to earn profit from focusing on hygiene and cleanliness, but they are also providing solutions. Customers know that cleanliness is essential, but they need the right products and services to address their cleaning problems and needs. That’s what businesses are for.


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