How to Survive a Painful Breakup

Sometimes, a romantic relationship, like other good things in life, isn’t meant to last. And when it ends, it can cause incredible pain to both parties. However, women who were left behind are more likely to suffer from feelings of rejection, agony, and distress. Some would even chase their exes in their hopeful attempt to reverse the man’s decision.

If you’ve tried your best to recover the lost relationship but failed, it is high time to move forward. Here are some ways to get back on your feet after a bitter breakup.

1. Look good to feel better

While physical appearance isn’t everything, looking good on the outside will make you feel better inside. It’s not uncommon for women to dwell on their insecurities after being jilted by the man of their dreams. But do not let these negative thoughts pull you down. Instead, try to do anything that will make you feel pretty.

Be adventurous with your makeup, level up your style, buy some new jewelry, get a haircut, and update your wardrobe. A lot of women’s fashion franchises are offer nice clothes and accessories that will help you reinvent your look and give your confidence a boost.

2. Don’t be too quick to search for the next Mr. Right

It’s a complete waste of time to get involved with a random guy for the sake of getting over the breakup. Do not use anyone just to save yourself from feeling alone. The guy might put his emotions on the line while you’re feelings are merely superficial. It doesn’t mean that you have to deal with the pain all by yourself. You can reach out for support from your friends, parents, siblings, and all the people who love you.

3. Stay off social media

social media

After the breakup, you may always be curious whether your ex is dating a new gal or doing a new hobby. While a click on his Facebook or Instagram profile will give you the answers, you should resist the urge by all means. You might be satisfying your curiosity, but seeing his posts will only prolong the hurt and frustration.

Unluckily, even if you block or unfollow him on social media, you can still see updates through your mutual friends. If deleting your accounts seems unrealistic, it is advisable that you take a break from social media while you are on the healing process. Find other hobbies to keep yourself busy. For example, learn to play a musical instrument or read a meaningful book.

Overall, a romantic relationship is so beautiful and promising that when it ends, it can shatter even the bravest hearts. But don’t forget that grieving is just a phase. Nobody tells you not to cry, but you have to get on with your life. You can’t spend the whole day crying over your ex and dreaming about possibilities to win him back. Transform the pain into an opportunity to learn your mistakes and rebrand yourself. When you do this, you will be in a much better place the moment you fall in love again.

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