How to Kill Weeds in Your Garden the Natural Way

Should you weed those weeds or let them be? Weeds are basically wild plants that grow in places where they’re not wanted. But the main problem with weeds is that they can easily overrun your garden if left unchecked.

That said, if you’re looking to get rid of pesky weeds without using harmful chemicals, look to the handy tips below.

Put Some Elbow Grease Into It

When manually picking weeds, wear sturdy gardening gloves because some weeds can be prickly or cause irritation even if you don’t have sensitive skin. Generally speaking, annual weeds are relatively easy to pull out since they have shallow roots, but you might have to use a hoe or fork for stronger ones.

Perennial weeds are more difficult to get rid of because of their long taproots, so pull them out when they are still small. However, you might have to pull out an entire bed if you have weeds with rhizomes or underground stems.

After clearing, make sure to place weed-suppressing fabric as a root barrier. Additionally, only do your weeding during dry days so that the weeds you pulled out will shrivel and dry out on top of the sol instead of taking root once again due to the moist soil.

Introduce Weeds to Some Competition

Groundcover plants are capable of spreading out and choking out all sorts of weeds. They will likewise provide a covering to prevent weed seeds from germinating and developing into fully-grown tenacious weeds.

To keep weeds out of your plant beds, apply ample mulch to so that they won’t be exposed to light and flourish. Do keep it away from woody-stemmed plants and grassy areas in your garden full of mulch here in Salt Lake City. Lastly, mulch the bottommost portion of the plants to about four inches.

someone mowing the lawn

Au Naturel Weed Assassins

Some weeds could be extremely stubborn and hard to pull out completely – think weeds that grow inside the cracks of the paving or those that have extra-long taproots. When trying t pull such weeds, you can use a weed knife with a hooked end, but you need to make sure that you take out the entire root.

Otherwise, you can use biodegradable organic weed killers or even plain vinegar. Take note, however, that vinegar isn’t selective so avoid spraying it on plants that you don’t want to be killed.

Work With the Weeds

Certain weeds are immensely vital sources of food for lots of foraging insects like bees. As much as you want to get rid of all the weeds in your carefully planned garden, don’t forget about the value it could offer for wildlife.

In addition, weeds can shelter insect larvae during cold winter months and give pollinating insects nectar during summer and spring months.

Put simply, if your garden is large enough to accommodate certain weeds, even in particular spots, you will be helping all kinds of insects and wildlife thrive right in your very own garden. Otherwise, consider the tips above to get rid of weeds in your garden in the most natural ways possible to help preserve the balance in your garden ecosystem.

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