5 Easy Hacks to Bring Out Your Business’s Appeal

Many commercial establishments these days stand idle because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that’s raging on until now. If things won’t change for the better, these commercial buildings may fall into disrepair or just go financially bankrupt in months to come.

If you happen to own one or you’re tasked to manage a commercial space that’s hardly bringing in profits for lack of tenants, you need to do some drastic measures to ensure its survival. The first step you need to hurdle is how to make the property attractive enough to lure new tenants. This is easier said than done, but it’s not an impossible thing to achieve.

Here are five easy tricks to make sure that your commercial building will be aesthetically magnetic to potential occupants:

Maintain its cleanliness and sanitary condition

One of the first things that customers notice when they first enter any commercial space is its upkeep: whether it’s looking like a winner with its spic-and-span cleanliness or a loser through and through because it’s plain and simple unkempt. You must, therefore, maintain your commercial property’s sanitary condition and cleanliness on any given day.

You can simply hire a local commercial janitorial cleaning service provider for this purpose. Such a contractor has a dedicated crew that can do all janitorial tasks using appropriate cleaning equipment and supplies.

You can ink a short-term contract for starters, just to test out how capable the service provider is. If you’re convinced that you’re working with true professionals, then be sure to consider hiring them for a longer term, so you won’t have to re-hire them every so often.

Do the necessary repair and maintenance

Hand in hand with getting a dedicated janitorial service provider is finding a contractor to handle your building’s repair and maintenance requirements. And since commercial establishments can be quite busy places with all kinds of activities going on each day, they do require quite a lot of repairs and constant maintenance.

Knowing this, you need to apply the same care in choosing a service provider for your building’s structural upkeep. This would also include the electrical and HVAC systems and everything else that would ensure the safety and comfort of your tenants and their customers.

Make it COVID-safe

sanitizing hands

It’s likewise crucial that you maintain your property’s adherence to the health and safety protocols issued by federal and local health authorities about COVID-19.

This would include putting signage containing safety reminders about COVID-19 in strategic areas inside and outside your property’s premises. You should also place alcohol bottles and hand sanitizers in entrances and exits or ask current and future tenants to provide them for their respective customers.

If possible, you should hire a licensed disinfection contactor to give your property monthly disinfection to get rid of any virus particles that may have been lurking in nooks and crannies, as well as in high-traffic areas and common touchpoints.

Offer business-friendly amenities

Tenants would be lining up to have a spot in your commercial building if they know that it has all the essential amenities that would make doing business very attractive and profitable. With this, you need to invest in making your property absolutely business-friendly to attract tenants right and left.

Among the essential facilities that you need to have are a commercial-grade internet connection, accessibility compliance (ramps and handrails, PWD toilets, and parking slots), ample parking space for both tenants and customers, and energy saving features such as LED lights and a rainwater harvesting facility.

The devil is truly in the smallest of details and one feature that you have that others don’t could easily tip the scales in your favor when it comes to your potential tenants’ decision-making.

Do some visual improvements

A stunning commercial establishment that stands out even from quite a distance away is eye candy for future tenants and customers. As such, you need to ensure that your property looks attractive from every angle, especially looking from outside in.

The exteriors should be flawless and attention-grabbing — from the name of your building to the exterior walls and doorways. The parking slots and PWD parking lanes must be properly marked and there should be landscaping and other elements that would enhance your property’s curb appeal.

If you have the budget to spare, consider hiring a renovation or remodeling company, as well as a commercial landscaper or interior designer to make improvements on your property both interiors and exteriors. This may cost you money but if you really want to lure new tenants, then it should be worth it.

With these tricks, attracting new tenants to your commercial property should be easier and less labor-intensive.

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