Go Green: Managing Waste in Business Events

Events are effective marketing tools. Not only are you increasing your enterprise’s level of publicity, but also making potential customers and clients. A good brand image plus higher profitability is definitely not a bad deal.

However, if you have engaged in large-scale corporate events before, it’s highly likely that you have observed their not-so-desirable after-effects. Trash ends up scattered everywhere and objects are left in disarray. Such situations not only cause hassle and inconvenience, but can also be detrimental to the reputation of your company. Not to mention they lead to additional labour and equipment costs for clearing up the event site. The worst part is these common negative outcomes are damaging to the environment.

If you want your business to be perceived as a supporter of nature conservation, while simultaneously making the post-event clean-up process less time consuming and more cost-effective, then it’s time to take your priority on waste management to a higher notch.

Below, we’ll provide you with several tips and guidelines on how you can promote waste management in your business events.

Educate your attendees

Online platforms are efficient in marketing your events and attracting potential attendees. However, they are also good communication vehicles for educating the public on proper event waste management. Upload some documents on your company’s official website about the waste-related rules and regulations you will be implementing in the event. Also, you can post infographics and other informative materials detailing the importance of waste management and the impact of irresponsible disposal of trash on the environment.

Forego the paper trail

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Skip the paper and go digital instead. Don’t provide promotional materials like flyers and brochures because chances are, they’ll only end up littered on the ground. Alternatively, you can set up informational booths and have them manned by your staff. You can even make the most of technology and install some wide screens or have advertising videos projected throughout the duration of the event.

Replace single-use items

The City of Sydney is a website run by the Council of Sydney and all others in New South Wales, Australia and its purpose is to educate the public on details of a development program called ‘Sustainable Sydney 2030’.

The organization aims to reduce waste across their operations and events. In line with that, they have reported to phase out unrecyclable single-use items such as plastic bottles, straws, serve ware, utensils, cups, and the like. You can do the same for your event by opting instead for reusable tumblers, mugs, and other cool serve ware and merchandise bearing the logo of your brand and title of the event. However, this can be costly so instead of providing them for free, why not sell them and donate a portion of the proceeds to an environmental group? Now that’s killing two birds with one stone.

Provide the essential infrastructure

You’ll need a number of trash bins as well as a system for segregating trash. Try to look into rubbish skip bins in Sydney since these large containers have the capacity to hold large loads of waste. Not only that, they are available in different sizes (typically from two to 31 meters) so you can select the size suitable for your event. Lastly, they are delivered and removed by a team of professionals, so you can check convenience off the list too.

However, it’s vital to note that these aren’t appropriate for food waste, liquids, and oil so be sure to inform your attendees about the dos and don’ts and provide multi-stream bins for different types of trash.

Events are fun, but the volumes of trash generated after the activities can cause drastic harm. As a business owner, be responsible and promote environmentally sustainable practices. Not only will this improve the public image of your enterprise while also help nature greatly.

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