Why Getting New Customers Doesn’t Have to Be Challenging

Marketing trends for promoting a restaurant have drastically changed over the years. For example, what worked for the past decade doesn’t usually work for modern dining establishments. Many owners find it challenging to attract new customers with added competition, trendy innovations, and social media. Below are nine marketing trends that restaurants can use to attract more customers.

Taking Amazing Pictures

Your dishes are what attract your customers to your establishment. Many assume that they don’t need to take high-quality photographs of their products because customers only eat. Wrong! You’ll have to invest in high-quality equipment and start honing your photography skills. If possible, you can hire a professional photographer who specializes in this field to take the photographs for you.

Then, use these photographs for your social media campaign, website ads, and other materials to get people interested in what you’re offering. Modern-day diners use social media to spread the news about a specific restaurant, attracting more customers to your establishment. One last tip is to use Instagrammable table linens and tableware to make your photographs look even better.

Using Innovative Devices

Using an innovative smartphone in the kitchen is another worthwhile investment that will help your restaurant attract more customers. Make sure to ask your staff or chefs to upload videos or pictures in real-time to social media channels. Your customers will want to see what’s happening as of the moment and want to see images. Uploading the most recent photographs is the easiest way to post content online, attracting new customers and getting them interested in engaging with your restaurant.

Hosting Short Live Music

Modern-day diners enjoy listening to music while dining. Your establishment should regularly host live music shows or concerts to attract more people. That’s because it’ll give you the chance to promote your dishes and improve your restaurant’s reputation.

Utilizing Email Marketing

To attract more potential customers regularly, you’ll need email marketing. You can easily collect emails from your website with a subscription or opt-in form. Then, you can start offering gift cards or coupons for their contact details and email address. You can start using their emails for newsletters promoting your unique cuisines, upcoming events, and new additions to the menu.

But avoid spamming people because that will only annoy them. One tip is to send an email weekly or monthly if you want your restaurant to benefit from this.

Hosting Wine Tastings

If you own a fancy restaurant, your customers expect you to serve wine. Hosting wine tasting events will bring more customers to your restaurant’s doors for a new, fancy experience. Hosting these events will allow your customers to taste the different wines you offer. It’ll be their chance to develop their appreciation for such products and learn how to drink them properly. By hosting wine tasting events, you’ll be giving your customers a short glimpse of what you have to offer.

Learn About the Regulars

Managing a restaurant isn’t just about bringing in more people to your doors. It’s an easy way to know your regulars to work with your existing audience more quickly. Knowing your patrons on a deeper level will help your business grow. It’s also another way to show that you care about their dining experience and preferences. Maintaining your connections with loyal customers will be more profitable than attracting new ones.

Hosting Themed Parties
friends happily eating meal and toasting drinks

If you’re running a lunch restaurant, you should also take advantage of the holiday season. Nearly all need an establishment to host their lunch or dinner parties with their family and friends to get together. Besides, the holiday season is also the best time for office parties. Ensure the public that your place is open for holiday reservations or bookings by posting it in your newsletters, social media accounts, or website.

Offering Gift Cards/Deals

Offering gift cards might seem like an old trick, but it’s still beneficial. In fact, they still bring people into your doors. Once a customer enters your establishment, you should be turning them into a regular or loyal diner who loves your cuisines and service. Doing that will benefit you from giving away a little money in free food.

Utilizing Video Content

Now, video content is slowly dominating the internet. Delivering video content is the best option to pique people’s interest in dining at your restaurant. It doesn’t have to be costly, but make sure you know someone specializing in video filming and editing.

It can be tiresome to attract new customers. You might have to try out different ideas that might drain your resources and be inefficient over time. In attracting customers, you might also want to minimize the costs involved. Fortunately, this guide lists down great ideas on how you can bring in more people to your restaurant without spending more.

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