Four Secrets to Finding the Right Side Gig

It is a fact of life that money makes the world go round. The truth is, the more you have it, the more things you get to buy and enjoy. And for some, money solves lots of their problems. However, for many, the money they earn for their job is not enough for them.

Your day job may be helping you with daily expenses. But if you want to earn extra cash, you may consider getting a side hustle. When you have a part-time job or a gig, the dynamics of personal finances may change a little; the earnings from your day job can be dedicated to your specific financial goals.

If you are looking to have a part-time job, here are some things you may want to keep in mind:

What’s the goal for your extra money?

You may be thinking of getting a car, or you may want to save for a down payment for a home and professional fees of consultants, such as mortgage brokers. You may be planning to pay your student loans. At this point, you have to identify what you are going to do with the extra money. This way, you will be encouraged to find a job whose pay scale will suit your objectives.

Consider your passions and interests

At this point, you may feel quite lost when it comes to the choice of gig you will apply for. But you can always look at your passions and interests. For instance, if you love fashion, you may consider reselling clothing items and accessories. Are you working as a web content writer? You may think about freelance writing gigs for online magazines and even brands who are on social media. Do you have a sweet tooth and know how to bake? Why not bake cookies that you can sell to your friends and office mates?

Use professional networks

Finding a side gig can be as challenging as applying for a day job. But remember that you already have a network of people that you can always tap into. If you are using LinkedIn or you are a member of professional groups on Facebook, you can market yourself there. At work, you may ask your colleagues about people that they know who may need your service or product. Better yet, start joining events, such as conferences.

Leave your comfort zone

person writing in the coffee shop

You have the choice to be adventurous and discover work that is outside of your comfort zone. That also helps in new skill acquisition, which will be helpful in your present or new career. For instance, if you are an accountant who is comfortable with numbers but treats poetry as a hobby, you may consider finding a copywriting job or submitting your works to a publication.

Always be careful

Everyone needs money, and people are doing their best to earn decently. It should also be your goal. Always keep this in mind: do away with illegal businesses and quick money schemes. Avoid offers that are too good to be true.

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