Four Reasons You Should Never DIY Tree Removal

Why do we need to call professionals when our electricity flickers and dies? Why do we call a plumber when there’s sewage backup from the septic tank? Why do we call an IT expert when we suddenly lose data service? We look for these people because they are the best at what they do. They are licensed and experienced. That’s the same reason we need to look for a professional tree surgeon or arborist.

You need a tree service in Utah when there’s a large tree in your property that’s affecting the integrity of your home’s structure and foundations. If this big, old tree becomes too large that its roots are already affecting your house’s foundations, then you need to pick up that phone and call an arborist. But, hey, can’t you just do it yourself? You have a chainsaw and a pretty good ax. You’ll be able to cut down the tree, won’t you?

Wrong. Tree cutting is different from all the other household and property repairs you have been doing. You not only need the proper protective gear for it, but you also need to learn the technique of cutting a large tree such as the one you find in your backyard.

Power Lines

The first consideration that needs to be made is the existence of the power lines. You should always assume that the lines running across and near the tree branches are live. If you or your tools hit a power line, you will knock out the power in your neighborhood or, worse, get electrocuted. This may also cause a fire that affects you and your neighbors.

Equipment and Techniques

trimming tree

As mentioned above, the law requires that specialists who will remove trees should wear protective gear to protect themselves from possible accidents. They must also have the right tools such as chainsaws, ropes, wood chippers, and cranes. They can’t do this alone, too. There must be someone who can guide and assist tree removal specialists.

Unstable Trees

Trees can become unstable if they are decaying. This means that the tree has died or is decaying from inside out. These trees often have very hollow branches and trunk that will cause them to fall and collapse without warning. This puts a tree professional’s life at risk. But they also know how to determine if a tree is in a decaying phase. That’s when they use cranes to stabilize the tree before removal.


Professionals have techniques and measures in place to ensure that a tree will not fall on people, buildings, and homes. While accidents still happen from time to time, professionals are more equipped with the knowledge to prevent these from happening. That’s why you should refrain from doing the tree cutting yourself. You have no control over gravity. And without the skills and experience, you may cause a tree to fall unnecessarily on people and properties. You are also risking your own life.

Don’t attempt to remove a tree by yourself or even with a friend or relative. Don’t risk it. There are tree removal professionals who have the knowledge and experience of this. No matter how many tutorials you watch on YouTube, those do not equate to the skills and knowledge one gets from real experience.

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