Finding Your Niche in the Hair Care Industry

Hair care is a huge part of the beauty industry. There are countless brands that produce hair care products for the mass population, and with that comes high competition among hair care businesses, both big and small. With that said, it can be extremely difficult to stand out in this industry as a mass hair care brand–and to stand out, you will need to find a niche.

A niche is an area of interest or a specialized segment in the market that aims to satisfy particular needs. Having a niche for your hair care brand is an excellent way to start your business with a competitive edge, especially with the thousands of other brands that you have to compete with.

Before you consult a private label hair product manufacturer, here are certain niches that you can explore.

Mature hair

As we age, hair grows thinner and becomes more susceptible to damage. If you have grandparents that are slowly losing their crown, you will know what we’re talking about. But just as in youth, the elderly want to maintain their hair for as long as possible–and you can help solve that problem by starting a brand that caters to mature hair and scalp.

Natural black hair

Natural African-American hair needs extra care and attention in order to thrive. Hair care products that focus on black hair aim to protect, heal, and help natural hair thrive. If you can relate to the struggle of maintaining natural hair and want to help other naturalistas make their hair flourish, this is definitely a niche that you should dive in. The market for black hair products is not as saturated as other niches, so it might be easier for you to break into this market.

Highly-sensitive hair and scalp

Many mass hair care companies create products that are advertised for sensitive scalps and damage-prone hair. However, it’s not common for these products to actually work for people with highly-sensitive hair and scalps. By choosing this niche, you can help ease the struggle of people dealing with their damage-prone hair–a problem that is more widespread than you might think.

person long hair

Hair care for athletes

Constant sweating, oil production, and putting hair up in a ponytail or other constricting styles can lead to hair damage, dandruff, itchy scalp, and many other hair problems. Hair care products that are specialized for athletes are rare in the industry; they usually get bunched up with products that are meant for sensitive scalps and dandruff. Hence, specializing in this area will most likely gain the attention of athletes who aren’t gaining enough satisfaction from the products they use.

Busy people

Caring for hair can take up a lot of time. For people with extremely busy schedules, washing, moisturizing, and doing other hair care routines can seem like a Herculean task. For people with this problem, hair care products that are easy to apply and don’t come off quickly saves time, money, and effort–and are therefore worthy purchases.

Dry shampoo is one of the first products you should start with. It’s a staple for people who simply don’t have enough time to wash their hair every day but don’t want to deal with greasy strands. Leave-in conditioner is another great contender, as well as a styling spray that helps make styling quicker without unnecessary hair damage.

Bald heads

Yes, there are hair products for bald people, even if they technically have little to no hair. Despite the lack of locks, people with bald heads need products to take wash their scalp and keep it moisturized. As a hair care brand, you can specialize in products that help protect bald heads, given that they have no hair for defense.


When coming up with a niche for your hair care brand, one of the first things you must do is pick a problem that you want to solve. In doing so, you can make your brand stand out from the sea of others, thus increasing your chances of success in the long run.

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