How to Increase Your Sales Through Product Labels

When you go grocery shopping, what is the first thing that you look at when it comes to the products? What catches your attention and what do your eyes divert to right away? If you said that the label is the first thing you see and grabs your attention, then you are in the majority. Product labels are important since they let …

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Food waste

Restaurant Food Waste in Australia: Facts that Might Surprise You

Australia is a certified food hub. According to IBISWorld, the restaurant industry grew an average of 3.5% annually between 2013 and 2018. Within this period, it earned over $18 billion. About 24,000 businesses also opened. Food isn’t the only thing these thousands of restaurants produce, though. They also create tonnes of food waste. Today you’ll learn more about restaurant food …

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Customers checking out the garage sale

Yard Market: How to Prepare for a Garage Sale

Whether you’re trying the KonMari method or wanting to make a quick buck, garage sales are a great way to make more room for things you actually need. You also get to make new friends when your neighbors come over to check out stuff you’re selling. In fact, garage sales are observed to foster a sense of community within the …

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Woman starting her own business

Business Starter Kit: 6 Essential Steps when Starting a Business 

One thing you should know about running a business is that everything is a learning process. Expect to face new challenges every day. In the business world, you need to adapt to the changes if you want to stay ahead of the game. Whether big or small investments, there are always risks with every decision. Feel free to use the …

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Five Things To Keep in Mind When Franchising a Fashion Boutique

Having a business in the line of fashion is great for people who would like to get into a fast-paced and ever-changing industry. Just like how it is in the food business, people constantly need clothing, and shopping for fashionable clothes is just like spending money on good food. As a starter and if you feel like you’re not quite …

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Avoid These Artwork Mistakes in Your Screen Printing Process

The secret to a beautiful screen print is a great artwork. If there is a problem with the design and is not caught ahead of time, it could result in financial loss and potentially damage the identity of the brand. If you are running a screen printing business, avoid these common mistakes to keep your final products looking awesome. Working …

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a business meeting

E-commerce Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Sales

Selling could be considered a form of art that’s tough to perfect. But appealing to customers and getting them to buy from you, especially if you sell through your e-commerce site, is especially challenging since you need to get customers to trust you without having to see your product in person. On top of that, many online shop owners still …

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How to Take Your Business to The Next Level through Franchising

If you have a thriving business that you’re looking to grow further, franchising might be an excellent option. Plenty of businesses these days expand their business into new areas and get a substantial amount of the market share by going the franchise route. Generally speaking, when you franchise your business, franchisees would pay you to use your business model and …

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Stressed businesspeople in the office

Myths You Might Not Know About Bankruptcy

One of the frightening words for an individual or a business owner is “bankruptcy.” It carries such a negative connotation: shame, failure, and a lack of money to pay off one’s debts. Some of the bad ideas, though, can come from misleading, wrong, or incomplete information about it. Here are some myths about bankruptcy that need to end right away: …

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