E-commerce Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Sales

Selling could be considered a form of art that’s tough to perfect. But appealing to customers and getting them to buy from you, especially if you sell through your e-commerce site, is especially challenging since you need to get customers to trust you without having to see your product in person.

On top of that, many online shop owners still make these shocking mistakes when it comes to their e-commerce website.

Not Having a Clear Value Proposition

Your value proposition is essentially a promise you make to your target customers, explaining the benefits they could enjoy from your brand and products. It should clearly tell your target customers why they must buy your product and not that of other companies.

To sweeten the deal further, consider adding free shipping, fair return policy or a low price guarantee. But keep in mind that while online customers are usually on the hunt for bargains, there are also other motivating factors that would result in conversion or completed sale. Your task is to narrow down to make your brand’s value proposition as clear as possible for your target customers.

Not Paying Adequate Attention to SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is undoubtedly the most potent online marketing tool your business could leverage, but only if employed correctly. Raising the rank of your e-commerce site in search engine results pages is one of the most effective ways to acquire more customers.

Work with a marketing agency in Provo, along with your product and web teams, to optimize the content of your site effectively according to the intent of searchers. This should include blog posts, product descriptions, schema markup and metadata as recommended by search engines, which play a vital role in obtaining increase click throughs to your website from search results.

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Failing to use the right keywords, specifically long-tail keywords, in their content is a huge mistake too. Not including the most suitable keywords reduces sales since it greatly limits the amount of people who get their search terms accurate when searching the web for your products.

Not Taking Advantage of Personalization

People expect and want personalization from e-commerce sites, but sadly, a lot of websites fail to take advantage of it. Fortunately, tracking customer data and giving out personalized product recommendations isn’t as difficult as you might be thinking.

Recording customer data such as browsing habits and completed transactions on your site could be immensely valuable. With this data, you could tailor fit web copies, your site’s search results, product recommendations, landing pages, promos and email offers to every buyer persona to increase your conversion rates and repeat purchases.

Making sure that your value proposition is clear, getting your SEO on point, and leveraging opportunities for personalization are key areas you need to pay attention to. Granted that it’s fairly easy to make mistakes when developing an online shop, especially if you’ve just started your business, but knowing that you have a problem is a great first step. When you’ve pinpointed the mistakes hurting your bottom line, you can then address them better.

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