Color Psychology: How You Can Use it in Marketing

For most businesses, the focus of every marketing strategy is on persuasion. Several factors can influence a buyer’s decision whenever they walk into a retail outlet. Most of the time, these factors are often subtle and are often affected by the visual cues inside the store itself, from the way you arrange your merchandise to the colors that represent your brand.

When you plan to market new products, Color Psychology says that it’s crucial that you understand the impact of choosing the colors when it comes to influencing buyers’ decision. Studies show that knowing how to use them to your advantage can increase the likelihood of buyers choosing your brand by at least 80%.

How colors influence people

Colors have always had a compelling psychological impact on how people behave and how they make their decisions. Using this to your advantage can create an excellent marketing strategy that can benefit your business.


When it comes to visual cues and creating a personality for your brand, red can evoke strong emotions. Small Biz Trends also say that it increases a person’s appetite, intensity, and passion. Red signifies love and passion, too. When it comes to marketing, experts often use it on impulsive buyers as it often creates a feeling of urgency to anyone who looks at it. That’s why most retail outlets who have an eco-solvent printer often use them whenever there are clearance sales.


dog portrait on yellow background

Meanwhile, yellow stimulates the mental process. It also helps encourage communication and increase cheerfulness. Although it tends to strain the eyes, this color represents clarity and optimism. Marketers use yellow to get the attention of window shoppers, especially when it comes to shipping for baby products. Research has shown that yellow is the first color that babies react to, which is why you can commonly see it on toys and other baby products.


Most people associate blue with water and it is often a color of choice for men. It exudes serenity and calmness and can even sometimes curb a person’s appetite. Financial institutions such as American Express use blue to create a sense of security and a feeling of trustworthiness in its brand. People also associate it with productivity and loyalty. Other companies that use this color is Facebook, LinkedIn, and JP Morgan.


Orange radiates warmth and excitement when used in retail marketing. Like red, marketers also use it to influence impulsive buyers. Most businesses who use this color often are viewed as confident and cheerful. People also associate this color with excellent value and affordability. That’s why thrift store retail outlets such as Home Depot and Payless use it on their brand. Coupon sites such as Domain Promo, Coupon Cabin, and Fat Wallet also use it in their logos.

These are only a few of the things that you need to learn when it comes to colors. It’s crucial that you choose the right color to represent your brand. Doing so will help you make the most out of it and ensure that your brand will stand out from the rest.

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