BYOB: Be Your Own Boss With These 3 Business Opportunities

Let’s face it: if you currently have a desk job, you may have expressed disdain over it at one point. Maybe you don’t get along with your boss or colleagues? Maybe you feel you aren’t being paid enough? Maybe your job consumes so much of your time that there you no longer have much of a social life? Whatever the scenario, you’re not alone.

Global analytics firm Gallup conducted a poll about workplace engagement in 2017. The results revealed that worldwide, only 15 percent of the one billion full-time workers feel that they are significantly engaged at work. In the U.S. labor force, 70 percent reported that they connect with their work.

If you are among those who feel disenchanted or disconnected, you may wonder about what it would be like to be your own boss, instead. Well, you’re not alone in that, either. According to a Pew Research Center report in 2015, of the 150 million people in the American workforce, about 15 million or 10 percent are self-employed. It seems like Americans are eager to work — just not for someone else.

The desire to be your own boss is understandable. The freedom that working for yourself brings is tempting. Now, if you want to start your own business but don’t know what the best fields are or what you want, we have some ideas.

1. Look into franchising

This business venture is popular among people who want to be a boss, but don’t have much experience when it comes to running a business. This $451 billion industry may be ideal for you because buying a franchise usually includes everything you need to start your business. Your franchisor will give you the equipment and training you need at the start so you can eventually manage the business on your own.

If you want to flex your business muscles, join the in-demand field of food franchise. If you want to do something a little more creative, look for sign and printing business opportunities. Thee are just two examples of a range of franchising opportunities available to you. Whatever business type you choose, franchising is a great place to be your own boss.

2. Become a consultant

Man working on his photographsWe’ve already established that you want to be your own boss. So, how about take that to the next level and have other businesses and individuals look to you for advice? That’s the role of a consultant. If you have a specific talent or acumen in a particular domain, especially in business, you can use it to give others your insights before they make important decisions.

Consultancy can be a really successful venture. You may charge higher as you continue to boost your credibility. What’s more, if your consultancy doesn’t take too much time, you can start another business venture on the side.

3. Try freelancing

Freelancing is a great opportunity for you to build your reputation as an expert in a particular field. Much like consultancy, freelancing offers you the chance to use your specific skills. As you build acclaim and trust with your consumers, you gain more and more clients.

Overall, freelance jobs may be the most freeing career choice of all. You choose when to work, how to work, and what to work on. You also decide how much you’ll be charging people who want to enlist your services.

There are hundreds, even thousands, of other business ideas out there where you can become your own boss. Explore them further until you find the right one for you — and then you can enjoy the success you build for yourself.

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