Buying a Home: Why the Process Can Be Like Falling in Love

While home buying and falling in love are entirely two different things, they share some similarities in terms what people experience when pursuing passion or homeownership. This is especially true in the searching process. Gleaning from real estate agents and mortgage companies in Portland, here is why the process can be the same:

It Takes Effort

Although many believe that love comes when you least expect it, there are also those who think that finding “the one” involves some effort. The same can also be said about home buying as you need to visit several houses to see something that matches your budget, needs, and goals. It is rare that the first house you ever visited or laid eyes on was the right match.

The same thing goes with dating or falling in love. You need to go on several dates or experience heartbreak from previous relationships before finding the person you think is the one. A study featured in the Telegraph says that an average woman will kiss 15 guys and be heartbroken twice before meeting the one.

Getting Help Online

Research suggests that the majority of homebuyers use the Internet to look for potential homes or learn more about the buying and financing process. While some value the services of an agent, there are still those who do their homework and utilize the Internet as much as they can to narrow down their search or look for online listings with virtual tours to compare different houses.

When it comes to dating, many are now using or considering using dating apps and sites to find a romantic partner. This usually involves browsing different profiles and pictures with the hope of finding someone you think you can connect with. People also turn to the Internet when looking for tips for dating.

Happy Family in Front of Sold Sign.First Impressions and Love at First Sight

It is easy for many homebuyers to fall in love at first sight when looking for houses. This is especially true if the property is aesthetically appealing. What the homebuyers feel during the first few minutes of the house tour can be crucial to making a decision.

The same can also apply to finding a romantic partner, as most people judge a potential mate based on their overall appearance. Also, one study suggests that it takes about 15 minutes for people to decide if they are interested in the person during their first date.

Regret and Acceptance

It is not always true that buyers only feel joy and satisfaction when they finally get the keys to their new house. It is common to have regrets about several things, like the house being too small or not having enough rooms for the family. Some also have complaints about their neighborhood or even their choice of mortgage or lender.

Regrets can also happen in love, especially if you later found out that the person you chose to settle with is the wrong person for you. This is why some people decide to separate or regret saying “I do.” Despite these things, some decide to stick with their partner and learn to accept that they can be happy if they choose to.

In most cases, the house or the person you’ll choose to settle with will not always be perfect. The key is knowing what you need and evaluating your options. You can also ask friends for love advice or experts like mortgage lenders and real estate agents when navigating the home-buying and financing process.

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