Businesses Booming In The Middle Of A Pandemic

It was expected that many companies would struggle to keep their businesses afloat due to the pandemic and the lockdowns and economic uncertainties that ensued. In the U.S. alone, thousands of businesses had to temporarily and permanently shut down, but the good news is that 85% of them have reopened.

Of course, it is some good news that many businesses seem to be recovering, but it is not a guarantee that they would stand on two feet again. While these businesses are struggling to keep their businesses in operations, some never had to go through these challenges for several reasons worth discussing, which may inspire others to continue fighting for theirs.

Businesses That Were Thriving Despite The Global Crises

It was only a natural consequence for many businesses to be on the verge of closing. The ongoing economic uncertainty that the pandemic only made worse is still far from being a problem of the past. If your business is still surviving, you deserve a pat on your back as it is not a secret that these are tough times for most people.

For several months, many companies lost revenue, driving more people into a financial hardship that seems almost impossible to get out of. But the good news is that things are opening up, and some businesses can make ends meet and grow again.

What’s surprising is that even in the middle of the pandemic, there are some businesses that you wouldn’t expect to be booming, and they actually did. These businesses are worth looking into as everyone needs some sort of inspiration right now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so here are some of them:

  1. Home renovation businesses

In March 2020, things began to go downhill worldwide as lockdowns, social distancing, and travel restrictions become part of everyday conversations. Naturally, people got bored staying at home to keep the virus from spreading and claiming more lives. During this time, the home renovation industry grew as 61% of homeowners in the U.S. became interested in making their houses look more like homes. Of course, if you’re going to be at home most of the time, you might as well turn your house into a sanctuary, right?

The home renovation trend also seems to be a craze that will not be over soon as homeowners collectively spent almost $420 billion on home improvements, and a survey shows they will not stop any time soon. So, if you’re looking for an activity or a trend to be part of to help you cope with the ongoing crises, renovating your house could be a good choice.

  1. Gardening businesses

While gardening is semi-related to home renovation, it is worth mentioning in a separate number that it is also an industry that has seen a huge increase since 2020. Why not? It is a therapeutic activity with an endless list of mental and physical health benefits, adding some nature and green aesthetic to your house.

gardening business

Taking your home renovation to the next level by gardening is a trend that also keeps on growing. While some experts think that it’s not a trend that will last long as life seems to be resuming its pre-pandemic glories, others beg to differ as they want to improve their newfound skills and even grow their food. It would be good for the environment too if this trend continues to rise.

  1. Cosmetic surgery businesses

Perhaps cosmetic surgery services on this list are the most unexpected unless you are part of the 11% of women who became more open to going under the knife as the world burns. Based on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons data, the most in-demand procedure in 2020 was nose reshaping or rhinoplasty, with around 352,555 procedures performed by surgeons all over the country. Of course, non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures like Botox and fat reductions also had growing interests.

While getting plastic and cosmetic surgeries are done amid a global health crisis, among other global problems, it might not sit well with other people. They are something that made many people feel happier and more confident about themselves. So, it’s nothing that should be anyone’s business, especially if no one is hurt in the process.

Booming Businesses In The Time Of Covid-19

It’s a strange and tough time for many people, and it’s surely something that everyone knows about as this pandemic has changed life as everyone knows it. So, if you’re struggling, you should know that it will get better as there are businesses that can overcome all the odds.

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