Burglar-proof Your Home: Your Guide to Front Door Security

When we talk about curb appeal, many think about the front yard and the landscaping. Although these do contribute, these aren’t the only things that contribute to curb appeal. Another part of a home that contributes to curb appeal too is the foyer.

Most of the time, homeowners leave their foyers and front doors as they are after they purchase the house.  The foyer isn’t always included in the home renovations. The same goes for the entry door. This is either because there are other pressing repairs and upgrades to do or because it just never occurred to some homeowners. Whether a person does decide to upgrade their foyer or not, they should definitely upgrade their front door.

The front door is the main entrance and exit of a home and should therefore be more secure. In 2019, one of the most common property crimes in the U.S. was burglary. To prevent becoming part of the statistic, invest in front door upgrades and additions. Secure yourself and your property from unwanted visitors. To help make your front door intruder-proof, check out online hardware stores like Banner Solutions for the essential additions to your door and more

Install a Peephole or Security Camera

person installing a CCTV camera

A common practice many fail to do is confirm a person’s identity before opening their front door. Install a peephole or a security camera to see who’s at the door while you’re still secure in your home. However, it’s not likely for a potential intruder to ring the doorbell first before they go inside. When it comes to these things, it’s always best to be safe. There’s no way of knowing a stranger’s real agenda until it’s too late. If it does turn out to be an intruder, at least you’re secure in your home while you call 911.

Install a Deadbolt and a Strike Plate

Deadbolts need a key on both the inside and outside to unlock a door. Paired with a strike plate, it’ll be nearly impossible for the average intruder to break into your home. Don’t forget to install a strike plate too. Without it, the deadbolt will prove itself useless since it’s only the door frame holding it in place. It’ll make the door easy to kick down. With a strike plate installed, the deadbolt will be locked in place and secure, making the door harder to break down.

Get a Horizontal Security Bar for Extra Protection

It might seem excessive, but a security bar is very effective in keeping intruders out. They’re heavy, and they lock the door horizontally, which makes breaking in a difficult task. A horizontal security bar is, in fact, more reliable than other manual door security alternatives. But it’s always good to have other measures in place. It can supplement your deadbolt and strike plate and other security additions you have in place. There is also a vertical version of these if you prefer that.

Reinforce the Door Jambs

There are many ways to do this, but a common way to strengthen jambs is by installing metal panels on top of them. This enables the jambs to withstand more force than they usually can if they were left bare. This also supplements the deadbolt and strike plate installed. Before installing these panels, however, try to insert them in the gap between the door and the jamb. This is to see if the door can still fully close even with the panels installed.

Install an Alarm System

One of the most common locations for robberies to occur is in residential homes, according to 2017 data gathered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). For a holistic and all-around solution, consider installing an alarm system. A helpful perk it has is its alarm doesn’t just depend on the front door. The alarm goes off when a door or window is being broken and will notify your alarm system service provider. It will only turn off once you enter the disarm code. Moreover, the motion sensors can be placed anywhere else in your home. Possible entry points can include the garage door, the door to the backyard, and the bedroom windows on the second level of your home.

The Bottom Line

Every home should be a place of rest and safety. Although anyone can keep out the cold or build shade from the heat, other uncontrollable factors can compromise the security of your home. Keeping intruders out of your home is never as easy as installing weatherstripping or cleaning gutters. But by applying preventive measures as suggested above, the possibility can be significantly reduced.

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